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sh remains eternal Taking the kids on on a a shing trip will not only be a a fun experience for the whole family but can make fantastic memories for your kids There are so many different ways to sh on Cape
Cod that there really isn’t a a a bad option So whether you are drawn to the ocean shore or or pond shing pack up your tackle box and bring the kids along If the thought of shing with kids is a a bit overwhelming or if you are working with short attention spans start small A great rst step is to ease in in with pond shing All you need is a small lure or or a a a worm shed under a a a bobber and and an an an hour or two and and you’re likely to catch some- thing The calm pond waters provide an easy rst trip for kids and the the diverse ecosystems that are built around these ponds ensure a a a fun day spent exploring the fresh water shore Photo courtesy of Patriot Party Boats
T By Annie Heth
o o o o o o o o o o borrow the words of Simeon from The Goose Hummock in Orleans: give your kids a a a a tackle box box not an an x-box We could not agree more A lot of things have changed in in our modern world but the novelty and excitement of catching
July 7 7 - August 3 2017 Kids on the Cape
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