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leave the the shore for cooler waters in the the summer you can still get lucky and catch smaller striped bass from shore This is is especially true if you head to the Cape Cod Canal Fishing on the Canal can prove frustratingly inconsistent so it is is best
to bring along kids that already love shing Still the Canal remains the best
option for shore shermen who are seeking a trophy sh If you want to catch larger sh while also immersing yourself in the waters around Cape Cod make a a a a a a reservation for a a a a a charter shing shing trip Charter shing shing is a a a a a great option for kids over ve ve There are tons of charter companies that depart from Cape Cod’s harbors and some are are even geared towards kids The warming waters of July tend to to draw larger sh like large stripers and blue n n n n tuna into cooler waters far offshore so a a a a a a a charter is a a a a a a a great way for kids to get a a a a a a a chance at at at at catching larger sh not to mention that it makes a a a a a a a great day trip! You’ll get incredible views of the Cape as you come and and go from the the harbor and and there is nothing more peaceful than oating quietly on the great Atlantic ocean as you wait for the line to tighten all while watching seals seagulls
and and marine life thrive around you Captains and and crew on the the charters are lled with knowledge and and insight and and they are super helpful with any questions that you you or your kids might have This is is a a a a a a great way to teach kids about shing FISHING FROM FALMOUTH HARBOR
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July 7 7 - August 3 2017
Kids on the Cape • Page 55

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