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What is better than a a a a funny story about two unlikely friends who go on hilarious adventures together? Jasper & Ollie by Alex Willan is a a a a a a tale about a a a a a a thoughtful sloth and an an impatient fox and all of the the funny situations they nd nd themselves in The differences between the the two characters are obvious and easily recognizable for young readers making it fun for little ones to to decide which character they relate to to The creators of Dragons Love Tacos are back with an equally fun picture book that is sure to have everyone on on the oor laughing High Five by by Adam Rubin (illustrated by by Daniel Salmieri) offers the perfect chance to practice your high high ve ve skills to prepare for the annual high high ve ve contest This goofy book provides interactive stretches and challenges to help you you and your little ones perfect the the art of the the high ve Middle Grade
Bernice Buttman is is a a a bully She is is rough around the edges crass and always planning pranks She is also lonely and when her her her mom leaves her her her behind in in a a a new town with her her her aunt Bernice decides to make a a a a a a change and become a a a a a a good person Bernice Buttman Model Citizen by Niki Lenz is the hilarious tale of Bernice’s transformation But don’t worry even in her quest to become a model citizen she’ll still have some hilarious cheesy pranks up her sleeve Your
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If your tween loved Lincoln Pierce’s Big Nate series they will be thrilled about Max and the Midknights Pierce’s new series centers on a a a a boy named Max who desperately wants to be a a a a a a knight In a a a a a a twist of fate it looks like Max may just get his his chance when a a a cruel king kidnaps his his uncle Budrick Max gathers a a a a a a band of courageous adventurers dubbed the the Midknights and they set off on an an exciting — and hilarious — quest The award-winning authors Holly Goldberg Sloan and Meg Wolitzer have teamed up to write To Night Owl from Dog sh This moving and funny novel is is told entirely through emails texts and letters The story follows Avery and Bett two daughters of single fathers who have fallen in in love Bett and Avery have been sent against their will to the the same overnight camp with their father’s hope that they will become friends Read along as the two 12-year-old girls nd nd common ground and and a a a a a new understanding of what it means to be family The Unsung Hero of Birdsong USA by Brenda Woods is a a a story of friendship between a a a young white boy and a a a a black WWII veteran who has just returned to the Jim Crow South The unlikely pair become friends when Gabriel rides his new bike directly into the path of a a a vehicle and Meriweth- er saves him just in in time This novel delves into the troubled history of of the Jim Crow South in in a moving story story of of friendship and perseverance Young Adult
In Lovely War by Julie Berry four teens meet and fall in love during the the height of World War I Aphrodite the the goddess of love watches over the pairs in this historical romance In this multi-layered story the the gods hold the the fates of young lovers as they navigate the the heartbreak and terror of war This novel is lled with with hope and heartbreak with with a a a a focus on the endless power of love Dystopian readers will want to to get their hands on The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe by Ally Condie In this gripping thriller Poe Blythe a a a a seventeen-year-old captain of the the Outpost’s last mining ship wants revenge She has promised herself that she will annihilate the river raiders who mur- dered her boyfriend two years ago But as she navigates the treacherous Serpentine waters she must come to grips with the person she has become If you’re looking for a trilogy to occupy the rst month of summer catch up up on the Nyxia Triad series before picking up up the nal installment: Nyxia Nyxia Uprising (Nyxia Triad #3) by Scott Reintgen In this deep-space thriller Emmett and his his friends team up to control Babel’s Earth-bound ships before their planet is destroyed NEW & USED BOOKS
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