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Cape Cod:
USA’s #1 Whale Watch Destination
Going on
a a a a a a a a a whale watch is an excellent way to experience the wonder of Cape Cod’s marine life Whales from around the the the world spend their summers feeding in in the the the nutri- ent-rich waters of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctu- ary Sitting at the the mouth of the the Massachusetts Bay this fertile plateau is is the the reason why Cape Cod consistently makes the the list of top ten whale watch destinations in in in the world During
the the summer months the the waters of this area are are lled with Humpback Finback and Minke whales in in in addition to several dolphin species and and (literally) tons of large and and small sh The beginning of the 2019 whale watching season started out strong with sightings of Minke and Humpback whales feeding off the corners of of Stellwagen Bank White-sided dolphins Fin whales and a a a a a a a a a a plethora of seabirds have also made appear- ances on
the early whale watching trips of this season While whale behaviors cannot be be predicted they are often spectacular and a a a a a a a a a a a whale watch can be an an an amazing way to experience the diverse marine life found around Cape Cod Embarking on
a a a a a a whale watch with kids can seem daunting so so we’ve assembled some helpful tips for what you can expect and how to to best prepare Knowing what to to expect can greatly increase the the enjoyment for the the entire family Whale watching tours generally last four hours which includes an hour hour of travel to to get to to the watch watch site two hours of whale watching and a a a one-hour trip back Leaving the the harbor the the whale watch will begin with a a a a a Continued on
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