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From the the the the the many bays and inlets to to the the the the the hundreds of kettle ponds to to the the the the the wide open Atlantic Ocean the the the shing on on the the the Cape is world renowned and can prove a a a a a a a a a a a a a a memorable experience for any vacation June is actually a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a fantastic month to sh the the the waters on on on and around Cape Cod especially during the the the rst half of of June because the the the cool water water of of late spring means that larger sh sh can be be found close to shore shore As the the month progresses warming waters draw some of of the the the the larger sh sh sh offshore and into the the the the cooler depths there are still many options for both the the the the onshore and offshore sherperson throughout the the month Onshore Fishing
Beaches on both sides of the Cape are great
68 • June 2018 The Guidebook of Cape Cod Fishing
Photo courtesy Bass River Charters for for catching striped bass before they head towards deeper waters at at at the the the the end of the the the the month According to Jeff from Forestdale Bait and and Tackle the the the the beaches on the the south facing coast line (Mashpee and and Falmouth) can be excellent for catching blue sh sh sh sh and striped bass If you are into shore shing it it is de nitely worth checking out the the Cape Cod Canal Canal While shing the the Canal Canal can sometimes prove frustratingly inconsistent it remains a a a a a a a a great
option for the shore sherperson seeking a a a a a a a a trophy sh sh sh The Canal continues to produce big big striped bass all summer long and while bigger gear is needed due to the the strong current the the patient sherperson may be rewarded with with a a a a a a a a a a large catch catch Even if you you don’t catch catch a a a a a a a a striper you you may have luck with with blue sh 

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