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Plimoth Plantation is is is a a a a a must-see New England destination! This world-renowned living history museum tells the story of 17th-century Plymouth Colony and and the the shared history of the the Pilgrims and and Native people who have inhabited the area for more than 12 000 years Visit Plimoth Plantation’s main campus along the the Eel River as as well as as the the Plimoth Grist Mill and Waterfront exhibit spaces in down- town Plymouth You’ll find something for everyone from mid-March through the end of November Plymouth Colony comes to life in the muse- um’s recreation of early Plymouth Encounter 17th-century figures in in in historical clothing expressing the the hopes fears and viewpoints of the the original colonists Modern-day guides will help you better understand the the Atlantic world of the the early 1600s Help the residents weed the garden prepare a a meal feed a a goat or play a a Pilgrim game!
Over- looking the Eel River the Wampa- noag Homesite demon- strates how
Plimoth Plantation Native people would have lived during the 17th century and features a a a a planting field mishoons (log canoes) games toys and household items for hands-on learning Indigenous staff dressed in in traditional deerskin clothing share their traditions technologies and culture
from a a modern perspective Step inside a a wetu (house) ask about gardening and and cooking methods and and take part in pastimes like hubbub an an ancient tribal game Downtown the the museum’s reconstruction of the the Plymouth Colonists’ original 1636 mill on on Town Brook offers a a a a fascinating look at at the mill’s history and workings from the 200-year-old millstones grinding corn to the the ecology of the the brook that has powered mills throughout the centuries Be sure
to take home some of Plimoth Plantation’s freshly stone-ground organic cornmeal!
In the 17th century making a a a a a transatlantic crossing was a a a a dangerous and risky Why did the Pilgrims decide to make the journey? What was 78 • June 2019
The Guidebook of Cape Cod

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