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Cape Cod certainly changes after Labor Day The roads grow quiet and and the beaches trans- form A fair amount of of shops and and restaurants enjoy their nal days of of of the the the season season while preparing for for for the the the the slower winter months Luckily for for off-season visitors one thing that does not slow slow down as as as the the the the seasons change is is the the the art art scene on on on the the the Cape Cape The majority of of Cape Cape Cod’s art art museums are open year round and and continue to offer monthly exhibits
and and events showcasing the the work of of local artists Read on on to to see what’s happening at at the the the Cape’s art art museums during the the the the off-season Also be sure to to check their their websites in in in in 2019 for an update on on their their spring offerings Cape Cod Museum of Art
60 Hope Lane Dennis 508-385-4477
The Cape Cape Cod Cod Museum of of Art
re ects a a a a a a a legacy of of Cape Cape Cod’s artistic heritage Peruse
their permanent collection to explore art art inspired inspired by the the the region region as as as well as as as work that has inspired inspired regional artists 2018 marks the the the ftieth anniversary of the the Fine Arts Work Center a a a a a a a Provincetown program that provides fellowships to to emerging artists and writers Connections: Visual Fellows
& About
Cape Cod Museum of Art
Dennis of of the the the Cape will be be on display into September
and celebrates the the the work of of these fellows Until November 18 view Suzanne M Packer— Cape Waters Abstracted This exhibition spotlights Suzanne M Packer an an an artist known for her her still life oil paintings and her her her white-line woodblock prints This exhibition highlights her her more recent abstract oil paintings inspired by the coastline of Cape Cod Cahoon Museum of American Art
4676 Falmouth Rd (Rt 28) Cotuit 508-428-7581 Located in the the former home of Cape Cod folk
artists Ralph and and Martha Cahoon Cahoon the the Cahoon Cahoon Museum of American American Art
is is now an an an an an expanded facility dedicated to American American art Open mid- March through the the end of December the the Cahoon Museum has a a a a a a a wonderful permanent collection plus quite a a a a a a a a few special exhibitions Through De- cember you can see an an an exhibit exhibit that truly highlights the lasting legacy of Martha and and Ralph Ralph Cahoon: Scrimshandering: Ralph Ralph Ralph Cahoon Cahoon Scrimshaw and and Nantucket Whaling Heritage tracks Ralph Ralph Cahoon’s fascination with scrimshaw a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a style of American nautical folk
art This is is is is a a a a a a a a a a a a a “can’t miss” show featuring his his trompe l’oeil scrimshaw works
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