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Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk is a a a vivid story about a a a a young girl’s journey to to understand her history and and her self The book is tensely paced and explores questions of identity belonging and family Young Adult
Set in the the world of the the Queens Thief Thick as Thieves is the eagerly anticipated stand alone novel by Megan Whalen Turner Turner and one of of the the best YA reads of of the the year Turner’s nov- els are steeped in in intrigue and and political thrill and and this new release continues that legacy Kamet is a a a a a a a a slave and secretary to his his master but he craves power This epic adventure about an ordinary hero is is a a a a a a page turner that is is great for those long August beach days The Lines We Cross by Randa Abdel-Fattah is the story of Michael a a a a a a teenager who grew up attending anti-immigration group rallies held by his parents But when a a a a beautiful funny and smart muslim refugee from Afghanistan named Mina arrives at his his his school his his his world view diverges and his his his parents politics become a a a bit more complicated Mina’s long journey lled with hardship only continues in in America as she faces
a a a a cold reception at her new prep school Both Mina and Mi- chael are forced to choose sides while de de ning and ghting for what they want their world to look like Fantasy lovers won’t be able to put down Vic James’ Gild- ed Cage (Dark Gifts Series) This dark and fantastical debut is is set in in in modern Britain but but in in in this alternate reality magic users control wealth politics and and power and and everyone else has to serve them Follow two families with only one thing in in common—each has three children— as as their destinies intertwine Check out this new book by the beloved YA author Sarah Dessen who has been writing best sellers for over a a a decade Once and For All is set in in in the world of wedding planning and and is a a a a hugely entertaining novel lled with humor and and romance Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson is an unforgettable tale and and an an an exploration of fate and and determina- tion Three timelines — Kansas in in in 2065 Oklahoma in in in 1934 and and England in in 1919 weave through the text as fates inter- twine A novel that is is both compelling and largely satisfying Midnight at at the the Electric looks at at the the small and seeming inconsequential moments in in in life that determine one’s fate August 4 - September 7 7 2017
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A Cinderella Story
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