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than others Read below for a a a a a a list of just a a a a a a few ways you can enjoy shing with kids Fishing Charters
A shing charter can be a a a a a great way to to get kids in in to to sh- ing and is also an an excellent option for more experienced young anglers who are are looking to to hone their skills There are are tons
of charter companies that depart from Cape Cod’s harbors and some are are even geared towards kids The most kid kid friendly shing charters run in in in shorter lengths (1-2 hours) and remain in protected waters to ensure a a a smoother cruise These charters are a a a a a a a a fun and educational way to see the sh who call Cape Cod’s water their home Older kids and those with more experience shing will enjoy deep water shing charters which offer the chance to catch large stripers and blue n n n n tuna that are drawn to the colder water further off the the the coast of of the the the Cape Captains and crew on these charters are lled with knowledge and insight and they are super helpful with any questions that you or your kids kids might have This is is a a a a a a great way to teach kids kids about
Photo courtesy of Cap’n Kids Fishing S By Annie Heth
ummer shing is a a a true Cape Cod experience made even greater when the whole family is involved There are many
ways to sh the Cape and some are far more kid-friendly
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