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shing in in in the open ocean to gain more knowledge about shing techniques and to have the chance at at catching tuna large striped bass bass blue sh uke and sea bass bass Pond Fishing
A great rst step for young anglers is to to ease into the pro- cess with pond shing All you really need to catch some fresh water sh sh is a a a a a small lure or or a a a a a worm shed under a a a a a bobber Given an hour or two -- you’re likely to catch something Cape Cod has well over three hundred ponds so no matter where you stay on on the the Cape there are many options Fishing
from the ponds’ shallow shores can be an an excellent option for kids with shorter attention spans as the pond’s edge is an exploratory playground in the the natural world Even if the the shing is is is slow there is is is enough ecological discovery at your ngertips to entertain the little ones By August the larger sh like trout and large large mouth bass hang out in the the deeper and cooler waters at at the the pond’s center and therefore shing these larger species is often only pos- sible via boat Rent kayaks or or canoes for a a a a a a a day spent shing and and exploring the the deeper areas and and secret coves these ponds offer Some notable locations include the ponds of of Nickerson State Park Flax Pond Pond Long Pond Pond and Higgins pond Ben from Forestdale Bait and and Tackle said that Spectacle and and Peters Pond in in Sandwich are great options if you’re looking to catch large mouth bass Pier Fishing
You can hardly throw a a a a stone on on the Cape without hitting a a a a a a sh pier jetty or a a a a a a dock and August is a a a a a a great time of year to to to to trek down to to to to your local harbor to to to to sh sh bottom sh sh like scup and uke Scup is a a a a a thin at at sh that can be very fun
to catch and holds up well at at the dinner table You only need a a a a light rod or even just a a a a dropped line with a a a a small hook weight and strips of squid Because scup are active hungry and quick scup shing can be an an an incredibly fun
activity with kids Between the the boats coming and going from the the harbor visits from seals and birdlife -- there is is usually a a a a lot going STRIPED BASS BASS • • • • TUNA • • • • SHARK
SEA BASS BASS • • • • • FLUKE • • • • • BLUEFISH
All Gear Included • • • We Fill Your Catch!
Kids Fishing
774-212-0016 • www sharksharktuna com CAPE COD BAY FISHING
Sesuit Harbor 351 Sesuit Neck Rd E Dennis
Taking Families Out Bottom Fishing
Since 1965
We sh for Winter Flounder Black Sea Bass and Tautog
Light snacks and drinks available on board DAILY TRIPS
IN CAPE COD BAY 2 2 2 Trips Mon - - - - Fri: 8:30-12:30 8:30-12:30 & & 1-5pm Sat & & Sun: 8:30-12:30 8:30-12:30 ADULTS $40 • KIDS $35
Town Parking Not Included — — ALSO AVAILABLE — — New! “Sea “Sea Breeze” Breeze” Music Cruise
Enjoy a a a a a a a cool breeze and “Sea “Sea Breeze” Breeze” the music of George Machon & & Brian Kelly Thursdays: 6-8pm (6/29 - - 8/31) Cash Bar (Beer & & Wine) • $25 Adults / / $20 Kids Evening Marine Life Cruises
Mass Audubon naturalists use a a a a a a a a a a a plankton net scallop drag & otter trawl to to to to bring up creatures from the deep for for you to to to to see and touch Reservations for for Marine Life Cruises: 508-349-2615
Call for Reservations 508-863-2533 • www albatross shing com com Walk-Ups Welcome
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