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Birthday Celebrations at at Gymport
Complete party packages include fun tness activities: Obstacles course foam pit trampoline & parachute 7 7 7 7 Jan Sebastian Dr Sandwich • 774-338-5570 www gymportgym com
Continued from page 7 when she is
faced with an evil spirit that is
haunting the city YOUNG ADULT
Storm-Wake by Lucy Christopher is
a a a a a a a a mystical adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic The Tempest Moss her her her Pa Pa and and her her her friend Callan are are the world’s last survivors They live on an an an an island where Pa Pa tries
to to to to use the the power of his magical storm owers to to to to bring the the the world world back to to to to life But everything quickly changes when a a a a a a shipwreck brings a a a a a a boy from from the the the outside world world onto their island Moss is
confronted with tales from from the the the the Old World and and the the the the realization that her life will never be the the same The Sacri ce ce Box by Martin Stewart takes place in in in the the summer of 1982 When ve friends nd nd a a a a a a a a a strange stone box in in in the the woods each seals a a a a a a a a a a beloved keepsake inside and vows to to never take back what they’ve sacri ced All is
well until four years later when someone breaks the the the the rules of of the the the the box Creepiness ensues as each of of the the the former friends are stalked by dark and evil happenings Stevie Bell attends a a a a a a a a school that is
literally designed like a a a a a a a a a a puzzle In Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson the campus paths of Ellingham Academy are oriented to create maze-like formations Soon after the the the school school initially opened the the the wife and daughter of Ellingham— the the the school’s creator— were kidnapped by a a a a a a a person who communicated through riddles and signed their clues “Truly Devious ” After years of the the crime remaining unsolved Stevie is
determined to solve solve the case once and for all His plans are slightly altered however when Truly Devious strikes again Dread Nation by Justina Ireland blends alternate history fantasy zombies and and and horror and and and this this NYT best- seller might just be be be the best best YA novel to to binge-read this this fall The protagonist Jane McKeene was born two days after the the dead rose from the the battle elds of of Gettysburg and and Chancellorsville— a a a a a a a a a a a a turn of of of events that changed the the the the the war between the the the the the States and and the the the the the very fold of of of human- ity At At the the the the the opening of of the the the the the novel Jane is
almost nished with her education to to become an an an an Attendant—a person trained to to protect wealthy Americans from the undead When Jane nds herself caught up in in a a a a a a a a a a a dangerous conspiracy she she realizes that the the zombies she she has been trained to ght against are the the least of her problems CAPE COD INFLATABLE PARK
Cool Birthday Packages! Affordably priced!
Special birthday rooms and all day day passes 5518 Rte 28 W Yarmouth • 508-771-6060 2 hour room with soda or juice and sheet pizza! www CapeCodIn atable Park com
Fun- lled parties in in a a a a a a state-of-the-art facility featuring the the Tumble Trak trampoline parachute games etc 5 5 5 Corporation Rd Yarmouthport • 508-744-7751 www capecodgymnastics com
Pirates Mermaids Princes Princes and Princesses of all ages can explore the the Museum celebrating with food and drinks in in in their own private room while creating a a a a maritime-themed project supervised by a a Museum educator 135 South Street Hyannis
MA 02601 • 508-775-1723
508-539-8788 • www capecodchildrensmuseum org
loves celebrating you you and and your family and and what better way to do so than a a a a a a party! Either for your next birthday graduation or family reunion the museum is
a a a a a wonderful place to to bring everyone together! 577 Great Neck Rd South Mashpee MA Fall/Winter • • 2018/2019
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