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Newly Released Children’s Books
Ready for storytime By Annie Heth
Spring is here at last with summer right around
the corner! Warmer days have us all spending a a a a a bit more time outside while cooler nights continue to call for cozy evenings indoors What better way to end the day than with a a a a a a a good book? 2018 has already seen a a a a a a a ton of of fantastic new releases for children of of all reading levels Read on for a a quick highlight of some newly released children’s books worth drawing attention to Picture Books
Written by Newbery Medal winning author Matt
de la Peña with illustrations by the best selling illustrator Loren Long Love is a a a a hauntingly beautiful re re ection on on the complexity and endless nature of love Your little one will enjoy the poignant illustra- tions in this sweet tale that explores all the ways we we love one another How to Grow a a a Dinosaur by Jill Esbaum is the the perfect book for soon-to-be big brothers and sisters This funny and instructional book is is is all about what life is like with a a a new baby Dino in in the house! Although big-kid Dinosaurs might not immediately recognize the gift of a a new baby sibling this colorful book follows the connection that begins to form between big-kid Dinos Dinos and baby Dinos Dinos in in in this tale of family bonds In Islandborn by Junot Díaz little Lola and and her classmates are asked to draw a a a a a a picture of where their families immigrated from Her classmates are excited about this task but Lola is is nervous because she has trouble remembering the island she she left when she she was just a a a a a a small child Read alongside Lola’s journey as she collects the memories of family and friends a a a pro- cess which brings the island back to life for her This brightly illustrated story celebrates diversity creativity and the meaning of home Poor Elmore Elmore is a spiky porcupine In Elmore Elmore by Holly Hobbie Elmore can’t seem to make friends even though he really wants to! Everyone is is afraid of his spines Lucky for Elmore he is tenacious and won’t give up his quest for companionship Will anybody see past his his tough exterior? Pick up this fun story about friendship and persistence to see how Elmore fares!
Middle Grade
In Payback on Poplar Lane by Margaret Mincks 12 year old Peter wants to up his lemonade stand game His rst step is is is to hire an an intern But he is is is given a run for his his money when he he chooses his his friend NEW & USED BOOKS
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