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Rachel She is innovative and and full of great ideas and and it doesn’t take long for her to become annoyed at his micromanaging style of leadership She branches out on her own and and starts a a a a stand right next to Peter’s Follow along their hilarious rivalry as they learn that friendship is always more important than money Here’s a a middle grade story chock-full with characters you’re sure to fall in love with: In Hope in the Holler by Lisa Lewis Tyre Wavie’s life is is is forever changed when her her mother passes away Wavie is forced live with an an an estranged (and not very nice) aunt Luckily she befriends some kids in the neigh- borhood and and nally gets to experience the love and and compassion she she hasn’t felt since she she lost her her mother This moving story about family friendship and hope is a a must read for 2018 A Problematic Paradox by Eliot Sapping eld
is a a a a hilariously tender science ction debut about an exceptionally brainy girl whose life is changed when her dad is kidnapped by extraterrestrials in a a a a a a failed attempt to to recruit her into their service This begins a a a a a a chain of events that leads Nikola to a a a a a a school for gifted children like herself: a a place full of science minded students who use wormholes to to commute to to class Although Nikola ts in more than ever here she come to understand that that she has certain abilities that that surpass the the the other students abilities that put the the the school in grave danger Inspired by Indian folk tales The Serpent’s Secret by Sayantani DasGupta is an an an adventure lled with demons and peril 12 year old Kiranmala’s seemingly normal life is turned around
when her parents are are transported to a a a a different dimension All of a a a sudden she is forced to battle a a a demon in her kitchen! She is is further surprised when two Indian princes appear and are determined to rescue her They all leave on ying horses heading to the Kingdom Beyond the Seven Oceans and Thirteen Rivers where Kiranmala is forced to face the Serpent King in in hopes of saving her parents Young Adult
Is your YA reader looking for a a new series to get hooked on? The Hazel Wood is the rst novel in a a Continued on on page 57 Spring 2018 Kids on the Cape • Page 11

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