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Children’s Books
Continued from page 11 new series by Melissa Albert Seventeen year old Alice has spent the the majority of her her life on the the road with her her mother in an an endless escape of uncanny bad luck that seems to follow them everywhere Her grandmother is a a a a a a a reclusive author and creator of a a a a a a a cult-classic dark fairytale book After Alice’s grandmother dies alone in her her her estate her her her mother is stolen by a a a creature from the the Hinterland a a a a a brutal supernatural world where her her grandmother’s stories take place Alice is forced to to ally with one of her her grandmother’s super-fans and and they set out for the the Hazel Wood in search of answers with the the hope of saving Alice’s mother The Land of Permanent Goodbyes by by Atia Abawi follows a a a a a a family as they navigate through war-torn Syria Tareq had a a a a a a a happy life with his large loving family But then the the bombing started and his city is destroyed Tareq’s family knows that they must leave if they want to to survive He is forced to to nd resil- ience and courage in in order to complete the harrowing journey they must take Destiny is is the the narrator of this heartbreaking novel that presents the Syrian con ict as one link in in in a a a long chain of history Akata Warrior is the the second book in the the Akata Witch series by Nnedi Okorafor This second installment continues to follow Sunny an an albino and American-born Nigerian girl who has been inducted into the secret Leopard Society Follow along as she masters her magical powers and attempts to save the world from an impending apocalypse In Down and Across by Arevin Ahmadi Scott Ferdowski has a a a hard time nishing the things he he starts While everyone around him is beginning to gure out what they want to do after high school he he hasn’t found his passion quite yet Plus he has has a a a a ton of big decisions hanging over his head not to mention college applications When his parents leave town to care for his ailing grandfather Scott embarks on an unexpected adventure that leads him all over DC driving him to nd out who he really is direct access tO the rail trail!
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Spring 2018
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