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Heritage Museums’ ftieth birthday and features 50 treasures that are scattered around the museum’s buildings and grounds These treasures tell the story of the museum’s rst 50 years featuring items like plants cars folk art and scrimshaw carvings Mermaids Windmills and Soldiers Oh My!
will be on on display until mid-June This exhibition includes the whimsical nautical characters found in the the work of Ralph Cahoon In the the gardens look for the the sculptures that comprise the the outdoor display titled Human/Nature Each piece explores the way that humans and and nature coexist interact and and overlap CULTURAL CENTER OF CAPE COD
307 Old Main Street S S Yarmouth 508-394-7100
The Cultural Center of of Cape Cod is one of of the most engaging and accessible cultural organizations in in in the region offering instruction exhibition and entertainment in in a a a a a a range of visual literary
and performing arts Until May 5 catch Mutual Muses XI: A A Marriage of Visual Art and Poetry This collection features the work of of 100
of of Cape Cod’s painters artisans and poets inspired by one another’s creations The unique exhibit Goreyosity Shop starts on May 22 In this display local artists have repurposed some of the materials from Edward Gorey’s collection into new works of art Lastly starting on May 24 you can catch the abstract oil paintings of Suzanne M Packer in in in Cape Waters Abstracted II CAHOON MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART
4676 Falmouth Rd (Rte 28) Cotuit 508-428-7581
Located in the former home of Cape Cod folk artists Ralph and Martha Cahoon Cahoon the Cahoon Cahoon Museum of American Art is now an an an expanded facility dedicated to American art Twenty-One in Truro: Celebrating the Cahoon Museum Collec- tion tion will be shown until May 19 This exhibition celebrates the the twenty- rst anniversary of the the artist group Twenty-One in Truro Each member created their own work of art in response to a a selection
of paintings from the Museum’s collection Also until May 19 catch Richard Perry’s geometric and Marconi-RCA
Museum 847 Orleans Rd N Chatham 02650
The History of Ship-to-Shore Radio
Cape Cod’s Most Inviting Front Porch
The LiTTLe Red SToRe in in CenTeRviLLe - - oRiginaL aRTwoRk By Jayne SheLLey - - PieRCe
Penny Candy • • • • Old Fashioned Toys Toys • • • • Jams & & Jellies Tees & & Sweats • • • • Beach Toys Toys • • • • Seaside Gifts open 7 dAyS
and so much more!
8:30Am tIl 5:30pm
From From Vacuum Tubes to to to to Cell Phones From From Marconi’s Spark to to to to Modern Wireless
Celebrating the Centennial
1919 - The Beginning
JuStuptheroAd 1 8 8 5 5 6 AroundtheCorner
From CrAIgvIlle BeACh
555 Main Street • • Centerville • • 508-775-1856 1856countrystore com Recommended
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