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In 2016 the Wisconsin Department of Tourism created a self- guided tour that meanders through southern Wisconsin to nine of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous buildings. New signs along the highways of nine counties from Racine to Richland Center guide visitors through the state. Visit Travel Wisconsin for more information.
Wright-designed buildings along the trail include:
1 & 2. S.C. Johnson Administration Building and Research Tower, Racine
3. Wingspread, Wind Point
4. Burnham Street American System-Built homes, Milwaukee
5. Monona Terrace, Madison
6. First Unitarian Society Meeting House, Madison
7. Taliesin and the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center, Spring Green
8. Wyoming Valley School Cultural Arts Center, Spring Green
9. AD German Warehouse, Richland Center
The Sauk County snowmobile trail system provides 220 miles of pristine trail which traverses some of Wisconsin’s most beautiful, unspoiled, natural settings which include the Baraboo Blu s, Natural Bridge State Park, and Devils Lake State Park. Join the Plain Hillcrest Riders snowmobile club: Tim Lins (608) 220-6876. For Sauk County trail conditions call the trail hotline at (608) 985-4766 or visit
Ice Fishing
The backwaters of the Wisconsin River are perfect for ice  shing during the winter months. You will  nd bluegill and pan sh. Be sure to stay safe on the ice, the DNR does not monitor ice conditions. Be aware of regulations, including size limits and protected species. Fines are hefty. For more information, contact the Wisconsin DNR o ce at (608) 935-3368 or visit
Cross Country Skiing & Snow Shoeing
Governor Dodge State Park and White Mound County Park have several miles of well maintained trails for you to enjoy. The Spring Green Nature Preserve is also a favorite spot for locals.
The Wisconsin River slices the Driftless Area into two unequal parts and has wended its way for 370 miles from its source on the Wisconsin-Michigan border south/southwest to the outskirts of Spring Green. The river maintains a leisurely pace and a steady westward  ow from its source to its con uence with the Mississippi River 60 miles further.
A few basic precautions will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience along the Wisconsin River:
• Always swim with a buddy and keep in visual and voice contact.
• Don’t swim at night.
• Swim at designated beaches, where available. Don’t swim in unfamiliar places.
• Obey posted signs.
• Don’t dive from bridges, high banks or into water of unknown depth.
• Avoid hazards such as overhanging branches.
• Always wade upstream of sandbars, and be sure that everyone knows the downstream margins: sandbars drop o  suddenly on the downstream side.
• If you are swept into deep water, resist the urge to return to your entry point or to swim directly toward shore. Instead, angle for shore while staying with the current.
• Wear a lifesaving device when using an inner tube, air mattress or other  oating device.
• All water craft must be equipped with Coast Guard- approved lifesaving device for each person aboard: use them!
Glass containers of any kind are prohibited on the water. The current  ne is a minimum of $162.70 to a maximum of $767.50 per container.
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