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 to us vital instruction on subjects such as marriage, sex, money, work and getting along with others. As we learn and apply these principles in our lives, we prove that His Word is true by the blessings that result.
8. How will following God’s way of life affect our understanding of His Word? Psalm 111:10.
A vital key to understanding the Bible is to read it with the attitude of applying what you learn to your daily life.
9. Is God’s Word useful for correction and reproof – for showing us where we are wrong and what to do about it? 2 Timothy 3:16; Hebrews 4:12.
God wants us to avoid developing habits that will hurt us. By letting God talk to us in His Word, we can discover harmful practices and attitudes in our lives and learn how to correct them.
As you read the accounts of Old and New Testament personalities, think about how you can apply the lessons you learn from them. God had portions of their lives recorded so that we could profit from their experiences (Romans 15:4; 1 Corinthians 10:6, 11).
10. Notice now an important example King David set for us today. Did he ask God to help him understand His truth and apply it in his life? Psalm 119:18, 33-34.
When you read and study the Bible, first ask God to help you understand the true meaning of His Word. Ask Him for guidance in understanding His message for you. Then begin your study, thinking about how you can apply what you learn
But where is a good place to begin reading and studying the Bible? One way to begin your study of God’s Word is to read it all the way through from Genesis to Revelation. This will give you a broad overview of what is in the Bible.
11. Many find it helpful to study one subject at a time. But does all the information on any one subject always appear in one place? Isaiah 28:9-10.
God has caused the Bible to be written so that the truth about any one subject is often revealed “here a little, there a little.” So, if you want to learn what God has to say about a subject, find the passages in the Bible relating to that subject. A good concordance (a book that shows where specific words appear in the Bible) is essential in this method of study. The marginal references in your Bible are also helpful.
Another study aid is the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course. Each lesson puts together relevant scriptures about a major biblical truth. You can find these Correspondence Courses on the Bible Fund Website.

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