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“It’s your race and our reputation.”
It’s not just a tagline, but the credo of our business. Six words that encompass the ideals of Dia- mond Pistons and our personal commitment to each and every product that leaves our doors.
Founded in 1968, Diamond housed full engine machining, cylinder head development, and pis- ton manufacturing departments. Owner Robert Fox purchased the company in 1999 and made the decision to focus solely on manufacturing aftermarket forged pistons. Competing against international conglomerates wasn’t easy, a battle Fox referred to as a case of David versus Go- liath. “Then I realized private ownership and smallness might be our strengths,” said Fox. That strength has led to Diamond being the industry leader in billet and prototype piston production.
This exclusive focus on pistons allows Diamond to consistently invest in the latest engineer- ing, machining, and inspection apparatuses. In 2014, we teamed with Okuma America, a global leader in CNC machine manufacturing, and changed the manufacturing of our production line. New equipment by Okuma changed the landscape of manufacturing forged pistons. Diamond maintains a continuous schedule of bringing in the most up-to-date Okuma equipment, along with the latest in software technology, allowing us to not only meet but exceed standards ex- pected of ourselves and by our cliental, living up to our longstanding reputation as a premium piston maker. Our top of the line equipment paired with our passion for the process results in unmatched quality control.
The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is one of several measuring and modeling appa- ratuses used in Diamond’s engineering department. This piece allows for incredibly accurate measurements, measuring the location and details of valve pockets, for example, to within .0001 inch.
A laser scanner, used for modeling purposes, has the capability of scanning thousands of surface points in minutes. These scanned details are transferred to our CAD program where dimensions are assigned to the scanned piston model. The dimensioned model is then trans- ferred to a CAM program that communicates the piston details to a CNC machining center on the shop floor.
If you’re in the market for pin-fit bores, which means a clearance fit of .0008 inch to .001 inch, Diamond provides this service by honing. Featuring diamond cutting surfaces, these devices remove less material than a reamer, allowing the honing process to invest the pin bores with a better finish.
One piston? No problem.
For clients in need of just one piston, Diamond has you covered. Whether off-the shelf, an un- common part number, or if you need a custom-built product, Diamond will manufacture one or more as single items and always at a reasonable cost.
With the best lead times in the industry, Diamond Pistons are 100% made in the United States. Each of our small staff of fifty people take pride in the countless wins in Engine Masters, NHRA Pro Stock, NHRA Top Fuel, NMCA, NMRA, Outlaw Radial, ARCA, World of Outlaws, TORC, OPA and Super Boat International. The proof is in the performance. Tech support 586.792.6620

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