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  Dear Loyal KRC Customers, KRC prides itself in manufacturing the most cutting edge power steering pumps and lightweight pulley systems in the industry. Since 1997, Ken Roper, founder and owner of KRC Power Steering, quickly changed the industry by developing KRC`S Pro Series power steering pump and pulley line. The Pro Series pump line is comprised of a purpose built housing, high tolerance components, low horsepower consumption, and has completely changed the power steering industry. Later, Ken went on to develop a pulley line featuring a positive engaged, “R-LOK design” for perfect concentricity, utilizing the most rotational weight savings, and pairing with the racing industries lightest and strongest power steering brackets available. Over the course of the past 20 years, Ken and Karen Roper have built KRC Power Steering on strong Christian based morals and the determination to providing not only the most innovative products but the upmost professional customer service backing. Today, since the retirement of Ken Roper, the company maintains the same ethical procedures under new guidance. KRC has revised and re-structured our popular products to stay ahead of the competition. We continually develop new products, improve on the ones we have, and give our customers the best opportunity to win races that we can. This catalog displays a new products page to get you ahead of the competition for next season and newly improved products are marked for your ease of viewing throughout the catalog. In closing, I would like to personally thank all of our brand loyal KRC customers. We value your trust in KRC products and I personally look forward to carrying on this legacy for years to come. Best Regards, C ody Haskins Vice President         Steer with the best: KRC   

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