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     Pumps and accessories Shaft Drive Pump Adapters     KRC 19560300 Barnes/Razor Dry-Sump Adapter KRC 60550300 Pro Series .825” Pump Spacer KRC 60551000 Pro Series Hilborn 3-Bolt Adapter KRC 60552000 2-bolt Raised Cam Sprint Car Adapter The Barnes/Razor adapter is the first part required to mount a KRC shaft drive pump to a Barnes or Razor Dry-Sump oil pump. The Dry-Sump pump must have the main shaft drilled and tapped 3/8” x 24. A drilled Dry-Sump main shaft is available directly from the manufacturer. A 7/8” O.D. 17-spline or 3/8” hex drive spud is required. To complete the installation you will need KRC 60550300 spacer to mount a new Pro Series pump or a KRC 19550300 spacer to mount a 1st design aluminum pump. See below for drive spuds. A .825” thick 80mm bolt pattern spacer is required to use a KRC Pro Series aluminum pump on the KRC 19555300 and KRC 19560300 Dry-Sump adapters. This adapter uses a 3-bolt Hilborn pattern and will bolt directly to the rear of Peterson, Johnson, Wulff, Nutter, and Barnes pumps with a PTO and several other manufactures that have a Power Take-Off built into the rear of the Dry-Sump pumps. This is also one of our most popular sprint car mid-plate adapters. This adapter does not work on the new R4 Peterson pump, being that they make their own mount for our pump. 2-bolt adapter kit to mount a Pro Series aluminum pump. This adapter is slotted for use with raised cam Sprint Car engines. Includes bracket, bolts, and spacers. Dry-Sump Pump Accessories KRC 19560300 KRC 60550300 KRC 60551000 KRC60552000 KRC 19575000 17-Spline drive spud removal tool.            KRC 19670000 3/8” female hex to 1/4” x 28 male fuel output drive spud. KRC 19570000 17-Spline x 3/8” x 24 drive spud. For use with shaft drive adapters. KRC 19571000 3/8” Hex 3/8” x 24 drive spud. For use with shaft drive adapters.         18 Steer with the best: KRC 

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