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Micro Channel Oil Coolers
Part Number: FHP-10029-MC Description: 9 Pass Multi-Flow TOC Size (Inches): 18.0L x 8.75H x 1.0D
Part Number: CR-20042-25 Description: 25 mm Micro-Channel EOC
with 12AN  ttings
Size (Inches): 24.75L x 17.0H x 1.25D
* The picture shown includes the optional Fan Mounting Brackets “Available by Special Order”
Part Number: DB-30315-CM
Description: Legends Oil Cooler/Top-End
Cooler/Scoop w/Side Brackets
Size (Inches): 19.0L x 10.5H x 1.0D
Fittings: 11/32 Push On Oil Capacity (Qts): .5 Dry Weight (Lbs): 4.5
Fittings: (2) AN-10or (2) AN-12 Oil Capacity (Qts): .75
Dry Weight (Lbs): 5.0
Fittings: (2) AN-8 & (2) AN-4 Oil Capacity (Qts): .15
Dry Weight (Lbs): 1.0
Alternative Options: DB-30315-CO - Oil Cooler Only
DB-30315-VTX - Oil Cooler and Top-End Cooler
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