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 Flotek High Performance Racing Heads Dimensions
FLOTEK High Performance Racing Heads is dedicated and focused on three priorities: Performance, Quality and Competitive Pricing.
All FLOTEKcylinderheadsandpartsareinspectedforqualityandfullyassembledinEvansville,Indiana.
Payment Terms
Flotek High Performance Racing Heads
Hours of Operation
Origin Retail
Part Number Description Price
Friendly and knowledgeable consultative personnel are available from 8am to 5pm Central Standard Time, Monday thru Friday.
Small Block Chevy 180 Warehouse Jobber
101-500 SBC Angle Bare 206 267
347 China
Technical advice is available from one of our cylinder head specialist personnel. For assistance contact ( FLOTEK High Performance Racing Heads) at 800-421-0095 or
102-500 SBC Straight Bare 206 267 347 China
email us for technical help - Visit our website for product catalog and recommendations at
101-505 SBC Angle Assembled 102-505 SBC Straight Assembled
271 271
338 422 China 388 422 China
267 347 China 388 472 China 338 422 China
650 812 China
Small Block Ford
203-500 SBF Stud and Plate Bare
203-5052 S1B3F1S5tuRdeanddSPtlraetet 2-.U02niAt Qssembled
PO Box 4008 321 271
203-505 SBF Stud and Plate 1.94 Assembled
Big Block Chevy 320 and 360 Evansville, IN 47710
Evansville, IN 47724
305-5056 BHBoCu3rs2:08A:0s0seAmMble-d3:.0600PMlift 445
305-5057 BBC 320 Assembled .700 lift 490
882 China
928 China
305-5058 BBC 320 Assembled .800 lift 520 743
306-500 BBC 320 Bare 300 468
585 China
Allorderstoindividualscanbepre-paidbycreditcard. FLOTEKHighPerformanceCylinderHeadshipsacrosstheUnitedStatesandCanada.International
407-5056 BBC 360 Assembled .600 lift
                                                                 445    650
                                                                 490    706
                                                                 520    743
                                                                 300    468
2190-SRCNC-505 SBF 190 CNC Solid Roller Assembled SBF 599 719
812 China 882 China 928 China 585 China
shipping upon request.
407-5057 BBC 360 Assembled .700 lift
All orders to jobber or warehouse distributor accounts will be credit card or term 30 days.
407-5058 BBC 360 Assembled .800 lift
408-500 BBC 360 Bare DamagedSMmearlcl hBaloncdkisFeord 190 CNC SBF 190 CNC Bare
431 517
All shipments are fully insured. Any claim for damage must be made to the freight carriers. Do not return damaged merchandise to FLOTEK High Performance
Racing Heads unless prior arrangements have been made. Please contact us at 812-421-0095 or 812-449-9767 if you need assistance.
862 China 806 China
Limited Warranty
2190-HRCNC-505 190 CNC Hydraulic Roller Assembled 560 672 Small Block Chevy 200
Merchandise Returns
396 Merchandi1se20m0ay-AbCe-r5et0u0rnSed only if prior aSpBpCrov2a0l 0haAs bseCenasgtraSnteradigbyhtFBLOarTeEK High Performance Racing Heads. A2l0l m6erchan3di3se0returned39fo6r credit must be
1200-AC-500A SBC 200 As Cast Angle Bare 206 330 1200-HRAC-505A SBC 200 As Cast Hydraulic Angle Assembled 299 475 570
in perfect unused condition and will be inspected at time of receipt. It must be returned prepaid and insured and may be subject to a handling charge. Credit to
1200-HRAC-505S SBC 200 As Cast Hydraulic Roller Straight Assembled 299 475 570 China
warehouseswillbeissuedatthelowestpurchasepricewithinthelasttwelvemonths.Pleasecontact FLOTEKHighPerformanceRacingHeadsat800-421-0095or
1200-SRAC-505S SBC 200 As Cast Solid Roller Straight Assembled 325 505 605
812-449-9767 to receive a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number for product before shipping to FLOTEK.
1200-SRAC-505A SBC 200 As Cast Solid Roller Angle Assembled 325 505 605 China
1200-HRSB-505A SBC 200 Street Build Hydraulic Roller Angle Assembled 271 338 422 Pricing In1f2or0m0a-HtioRnSB-505S SBC 200 Street Build Hydraulic Roller Straight Assembled 271 338 422
A l l p r i c e s Sa rme as l ul bBj el oc ct kt o Cch h ea vn gy e 2w1i t0h oCuNt Cn o t i c e . P r i c e l i s t s a r e a v a i l a b l e f r o m F L O T E K H i g h P e r f o r m a n c e R a c i n g H e a d s .
1210-CNC-500 SBC 210 CNC Angle Bare
599 719 862 China 560 672 806 China
517 620
FLOTEK Performance Cylinder Head warrSaBnCts 2ea2c0h CneNwC FALnOgTleEKBCaryelinder head to be free from defect in workmanship for a one (1) year period from date of
All orders to jobber or warehouse distributor accounts will be credit card or term 30 days.
1210-SRCNC-505 SBC 210 CNC Solid Roller Angle Assembled
1210-HRCNC-505 SBC 210 CNC Hydraulic Roller Angle Assembled
Small Block Chevy 220 CNC
1220-CNC-500 431 purchase1pr2o2vi0d-eSdRtChaNtCth-5e0F5LOTEKCylinSdBeCrH2e2a0diCsNpCropSeorlyidinRsotallelerdA,snugbljecAtesdsetomnbolremdaluseandserviceand5t9ha9tthecy7lin1d9erhead8is6n2otmodifiedorchanged
517 620 1220-HRCNC-505 SBC 220 CNC Hydraulic Roller Angle Assembled 560 672 806
in any way, nor damaged because of negligence by the customer or installer or used for racing or competition purposes. Our repair facility and warranty service
is located at 1315 Read Street, Unit Q, Evansville, Indiana 47710. Customers who believe they have a defective product should either return it to the dealer from
Dimensions and Weight Weight Weight Length Width Height
which it was purchased or ship it directly to FLOTEK Performance Racing Heads. Include proof of purchase and a complete description of the problem. The
Bare Assembled
product must be returned freight prepaid. If a thorough inspection of the cylinder head by the factory indicates defects in workmanship or material, our obligation
Big Block Chevy 35 pounds 43 pounds 22 1/4" 8 1/2"
4 1/4"
shall be to repair or replace the product. Warranty covers2o2nlpyothuendpsroduct itself2a8ndpnooutntdhes cost of1in9st3al/la4ti"on or remov7al.1/2" Small Block Chevy
Small Block Ford 20 pounds 26 pounds 19 5/8" 7 1/4"
Warehouse Distribution Terms
To maintain warehouse distribution with FLOTEK High Performance Racing Heads, a minimum order of twenty (20) cylinder heads is required.
Discontinued Heads Ford 204-500 Bare
A combination of small block Ford, small block Chevy, big block Chevy, bare or assembled is satisfactory to acquire and sustain warehouse distribution.
204-505 Assembled
APRIL 1, 2019 • 800-270-0095 June 26 /2015
20 Susan Schmitt
Assembled in the USA in Evansville, Indiana
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