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           Canadian Editor: Kerry J. Newstead AIRSHOW NE WS
              Publisher: Sandra M. Parnau
               Editor: Jim Froneberger
           Senior Photographer: Scott Slocum

                 Contributing Editors:
          Denise Decker, Michael J. Gallagher  May/June 2019              Our 34th Year               Volume 34, No. 3
             A.C.E. Columnist: Greg Koontz
               Air Racing: Brad Haskin
             Editor at Large, etc.: Jeff Parnau                         FEATURES

                 Recent Contributors              Cover Story:                     Heritage Flight Training

          Affholter, Kurt  Loper, Mark            Elevating Lives                  At Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona
          Aro, Charlene   Lynaugh, Mike           Brad Wursten’s message to kids   PAGE 32
          Barbor, Alan    Maciariello, James
          Bell, Robert    Mainiero, Michael       PAGE 16
          Bilancia, Matt  Meland, Greg                                             2019 Heritage Flight Profile
          Bradshaw, Brion  Monohan, Cindy
          Buff, Chris     Munforti, Tommaso       Sun ‘n Fun 2019                  Tommy “Limiter” Williams
          Byrne, Evan     Koontz, Greg            Aviation’s Spring Celebration    PAGE 36
          Charlot, Keith  Pawlesh, Tom
          Cheung, Ken     Porter, Chris           PAGE 22
          Cromer, Lynn    Renth, Eric                                              What’s Your EQ?
          Daniels, Gary   Rower, Gwen             Center Spread:
          Denet, Benoit   Rower, Gary                                              It’s your airshow’s Entertainment
          Finch, Steve    Scaling, Craig          Raptor with the Blues            Quotient. Check yours.
          Freedman, John  Shabec, Fred            A spectacular formation flight at
          Gibson, Greg    Snorteland, Scott                                        PAGE 38
          Glover, Douglas  Stansbery, Angie       MCAS Beaufort
          Gonzalez, Manny  Steckel, Olga                                           Stick Time
          Grace, Larry    St. Pierre, Marc        PAGE 28
          Graf, Norman A.  Streit, Mark                                            Tagging along with the U.S. Army
          Grantonic, Ryan  Thiel, Roger           The Australian                   Golden Knights
          Greenwell, Arnold  Thun, Don
          Haskin, Randy   VanderMeulen, Richard   International Airshow            PAGE 54
          Head, Mike      Van Gilder, Eric        Melbourne’s biennial event
          Heatherington, Sheldon  Vessigault, Julie
          Hedlund, Tom    von Puttkammer, Ricardo  PAGE 30
          Henriques, Dudley  Walton, Vance
          Hong, Kevin     Watson, Glenn                          REGULAR STUFF
          Holzinger, Steven  Willhoff, John
          Houghtaling, Jon  Wingard, Dean
          Jezewski,Dariusz  Yost, Samantha
          Lindermann, Andrea  Yost, Shawn        Jim Froneberger, Editor  PAGE 8  Airshow News  PAGE 14
                                                 Greg Koontz, A.C.E.  PAGE 10    Airshow Highlights  PAGES 44-48
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                    P.O. Box 950                                                 symbolizing the diversity of the airshow industry.
               East Troy, WI 53120-0950                                          Flying the Red Tail P-51 Mustang is Bill Shepard
                   (414) 801-1636
                                             and flying the Ace Maker II T-33 is Greg Colyer. In
                                                                                 our feature article beginning on page 16, read
                                                                                 how Brad is using his unique airshow story to
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