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                                                               Fighter (Training) Squadron, teaching Canada’s newest aspiring
         Final Tour Statistics:                                fighter pilots under the NATO Flying Training in Canada pro-
                                                               gram. He is currently dual qualified on the CT-155 Hawk and
        Red Arrows Western Hawk 19                             continues to fly the CF-18 in training and operational roles.
                                                                   Capt. Deluce comes from an aviation family, his grandfather
                                                                                      serving as a RCAF Hurricane pilot
           At the 2019 International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) Con-                 during World War II. Thanks to his
        vention, the RAF Red Arrows announced the final statistics from               father,  a  commercial pilot of  forty
        their record-setting fall North American Tour. During the tour,               years, Capt. Deluce started flying
        the Reds achieved the following notable successes:                            aircraft as a child and began pursu-
          •  Twelve jets across the Atlantic and back safely                          ing his private pilot license at age 16.
          •  Further west with a Red Arrows Hawk than ever before                     After graduation from the Universi-
          •  815 hours and 55 minutes flown                                           ty of Toronto in 2006, he completed
          •  21 displays                                                              his civilian commercial pilot license
          •  20 flyovers/fly-pasts                                                    with a multi-engine instrument rat-
          •  Two billion people reached                                               ing and began working in Northern
          •  120 ground events staged over 11 weeks                                   Ontario for an air charter and mede-
          •  130 million Twitter impressions                                          vac company. He joined the RCAF
          •  BBC Podcast – 10 episodes broadcast                                      in 2010. Capt. Deluce began RCAF
          •  5,000 students engaged and inspired at STEM sessions  flight training in 2012, flying the CT-155 Hawk, and eventually,
          •  Four-part documentary for UK television in January  on to the CF-18 Hornet.
          •  16,000 pieces of organic content online              Capt. Deluce will begin the 2020 CF-18 demonstration sea-
          The Western Hawk 19 tour lasted eleven weeks, with the team   son in June. We will have Kerry J. Newstead’s full interview with
        departing their base at RAF Scrampton on August 5 and return-  Capt. Deluce in a future 2020 issue.Photo: Capt. Dan “Delouse” Deluce
        ing on October 17.                                     (RCAF photo).
        Photo: The RAF Red Arrows perform in Oregon during Western Hawk 19 (file photo by
        Jim Froneberger)                                        Canadian Standdown:

         The 2020 CF-18 Demo Pilot:                            Snowbirds Delay Opener

                                                                  As  a  result  of  a  crash  at  the  Atlanta  Air  Show  in  October
        Capt. Dan ‘Delouse’ Deluce                             2019, the Canadian Snowbirds will not kick-off their 2020 air-
                                                               show season until early June. In the accident, Snowbird #5 Capt.
           In early December, the Royal Canadian Air Force announced   Kevin Domon-Grenier, was forced to eject from his CT-114 Tu-
        that Capt. Dan “Delouse” Deluce has been named the CF-18   tor jet after an engine failure, as the team was preparing to begin
        Demonstration Pilot for 2020.                          a demonstration at the Atlanta show. Capt. Domon-Grenier was
           Capt. Deluce is currently an instructor pilot at 419 Tactical   uninjured.

                                       10  Winter 2020
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