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       THE GOLDEN YEARS                                                                       CIORGIO  NADA  EDITORE
       Leonardo Acerbi

                                                                   ISBN 978-88-7911-701-2

                                                                    1111111111111 J
                                                                   9788879  11701

                                                                 Publication: 31st MAY 2018

                                                                 ISBN:           9788879117012

                                                                 Price:          £80.00

                                                                 Binding:        Hardback

                                                                 Format:         300 x 280 mm

                                                                 Extent:         360pp

                                                                 Illustrated:   hundreds in b/w & colour
                                                                 BIC Code: WGCB Cars

                                                                 Iconic cars such as the 356's and the immortal 911's,
                                                                 extraordinary success stories in the classic endurance races,
                                                                 great champions and remarkable engineers. These are the
                                                                 principal ingredients of Porsche. The Golden Years, a book
                                                                 examining the full history of the legendary Stuttgart firm, with
                                                                 spectacular and previously unpublished images by the
                                                                 photographer Franco Villani.

                                                                 The Porsche 356 with both closed and open bodywork was
                                                                 the model that in 1948 officially inaugurated the catalogue of
        Born in 1973, Leonardo Acerbi has worked in motoring journalism and
                                                                 the celebrated Stuttgart firm. In that difficult period of
        publishing for a number of years. Always an enthusiastic student of
                                                                 reconstruction the Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, artificer of the car
        automobile history he is an attentive historian of Ferrari and of the Mule
                                                                 and founder of the marque, was already an undisputed
        Miglia race. Author of the prestigious books  Ferrari   60 years,' 'Ferrari   authority in the automotive field for having designed the
        All the cars. A complete  guide   and 'Mille Miglia Story  19271957,   he   Volkswagen Beetle, the people's car. The Porsche 356's
        currently works at Giorgio Nada Editore as editorial director.   were "legitimate offspring' of the Beetle and soon found
                                                                 favour with the public: they were sporting cars that were easy
                                                                 to use in everyday life. This is the true Porsche "DNA",
                                                                 confirmed with the launch of the 901, or rather the 911  that
                                                                 first saw the light of day in 1963, a model that soon became
                                                                 a planetary success story, a car capable of traversing the
                                                                 decades while maintaining intact its appeal.

         Sales: Star Book Sales                                  The Porsche name also evokes the innumerable victories
         1: 01404 515050 F: 01404 823820                         obtained in legendary endurance races such as the Le Mans
                                                                 24 Hours and the Targa Florio, in the World Rally
                                                                 Championship and in the great African raids such as the
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         1: 01235 465521 F: 01235 465555                         Paris-Dakar, as well as in Formula 1 as an engine supplier to
         E:                   McLaren in the early '80s.

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