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       Peter Griffiths with a foreword by Paul Skilleter
                                                                   ISBN 978-1-78711-186-8
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                                 FACTORY AND PRIVATE COMPETITION CARS   9781787 111868
                                                                 Publication: 29th MARCH 2018

                                                                 ISBN:           9781 787111868

                                                                 Price:          £40.00

                                                                 Binding:        Hardback

                                                                 Format:         250 x 250 mm

                                                                 Extent:         280pp

                                                                 Illustrated:    400 photographs
                                                                 BIC Code: WGCB Cars

                              PETER OREFIT-IS
                                                                The racing E-type Jaguar emerged from the ambition of both
                           FOREWORD BY PAUL SKILLETER
                                                                the racing fraternity and Jaguar enthusiasts who wanted to
                                                                take this iconic British sports car onto the track to see what it
                                                                would do. With official (and sometimes unofficial) help from
                                                                the factory, the E-type was continually developed and
                                                                modified from almost the first week that the first production
                                                                car left the factory. Recognised the world over, this beautiful
                                                                aerodynamic car remains as popular today as it was in the

                                                                This fascinating book features period photographs and stories
        Peter Griffiths is a retired chartered accountant with a lifelong passion
                                                                from the E-type's early racing days, describes how the cars
        for Jaguar motorcars - especially the E-type. He had his first Jaguar at
                                                                evolved, and gives details of the lightweights, semi-
        the age of 18 and has owned nearly every model since, including
                                                                lightweights and factory specials, the Le Mans cars, the
        several racing E-types. He was the Treasurer/Director of the Jaguar
                                                                Modsports era, and the replica lightweight racing phenomena.
        Drivers Club in the 1980s, as well as acting on the Events and Social   The detailed appendices include lists of cars and drivers,
        Committee, and E-type register. He served as a race official at many   book and magazine references.
        Jaguar Club race meetings, and has written several articles for THE
        JAGUAR ENTHUSIAST MAGAZINE, making him well-positioned to   As the only book in its field to cover every aspect of the E-
        know first-hand the cars he has written about in this book.   type's competitive history from 1961 until the present day, the
                                                                author redresses the balance to detail the 95% of cars usually
                                                                overlooked. The reader will find hundreds of previously
                                                                unseen photographs and new information, providing an
                                                                invaluable source of material for anyone interested in this
                                                                incredible sports car.
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