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                                                                                              CIORGIO  NADA  EDITORE
       Ermanno Cozza
                                                                   ISBN 978-88-7911-716-6
                             R1ANNO COZZA
                                                                    Ii   U      H  11
                                                                   9788879  117166
                                                                 Publication: 28TH JUNE 2018

                                                                 ISBN:           9788879117166

                                                                 Price:          £39

                                                                 Binding:        Hardback

                                                                 Format:         220 x 140 mm

                                                                 Extent:         548 pp

                                                                 Illustrated:    Hundreds in b/w & colour
                                                                 BIC Code: WGCB Motor cars,
                                                                                 WSP Motorsports
                                                                  In this book of over 500 pages Ermanno Cozza, the true
                                                                  historic memory of Maserati, passionately tells a story
                                                                  packed with behind the scenes truths - right up to today -
                                                                  that have never before been published. He covers half a
                                                                  century of the company's life, which he lived in close
                                                                  contact with the great motor racing champions, ingenious
                                                                  technicians, designers and, naturally, company life as
                                                                  well, of course, as the unforgettable cars. A carefully
                                  & IC...W( R  N./\DA  LUhIOIL
                                                                  chosen collection of photographs and other illustrations
                                                                  complete this invaluable book.

                                                                  "Over 66 years have passed since I walked through the
                                                                  gates of Officine Alfieri Maserati (the Alfieri Maserati
                                                                  Workshops). It was in 1951, and in all that time I can truly
                                                                  say that Maserati took hold of my heart. The factory, the
                                                                  men and the cars have indelibly marked moments in my
                                                                  life. Today, many people consider me to be the living
                                                                  memory of Maserati and, in that way, take me back to
                                                                  those earlier days. In this book, I have tried to convey the
                                                                  excitement of living the Maserati legend so that, step by
                                                                  step, I cover the most important moments of my long and
                                                                  extraordinary experience: the excitement of participation,
         Sales: Star Book Sales                                   the joy and pain, the cars and the defeats, the ambitions
         1: 01404 515050 F: 01404 823820                          and the professional difficulties. While I have always
         E:                           enjoyed good health, over the years I have been infected
                                                                  with the Maserati 'virus' of which I believe I have been a
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         1: 01235 465521 F: 01235 465555                          carrier all this time - and it is a virus of which I never want
         E:                    to be cured"  - Ermanno Cozza

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