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Vander Plaat Caggiano
Founded in in in 1930 in in in a a a house on Hopper Avenue in in in Fair Lawn the the funeral home was given the the current name after three generations of the the the Caggiano
family dedicated themselves to caring for the the the deceased We believe in in treating each family as our our own and and pride ourselves on on on giving them personal attention and and options to choose the the the the services that fulfill their their wishes in in in honoring their their loved one We take the the the the the business of caring for the the the community with the the the utmost respect and dignity Contents
4 4 About Us 4 4 Our Staff
8 Pre-Planning/
Planning Planning Ahead
9 9 Funeral Funeral Arrangements
9 9 Funeral Funeral Service
14 Burial FAQs
19 19 Cremation Cremation Services 19 19 Cremation Cremation FAQ’s
22 Funeral Etiquette
23 Understanding Grief
26 Funeral Agent
29 Legal Issues 32 Probate
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