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 Silverholme Manor, Graythwaite Estate
Graythwaite Estate
In the heart of the English Lake District, set against the iconic landscape that inspired a generation of romantic poets, lies the private family-run Graythwaite Estate. Spanning 5,000 acres there is plenty for you and your guests to explore throughout your three day wedding celebration at Silverholme Manor. Whisk your guests away with you, as Graythwaite Estate can accommodate over 150 guests. Together you can fall in love with a world that has romanced not only some of English literature’s greats, but a whole nation. From countryside climbs to 4x4 off-roading, the Graythwaite team are here to turn great moments into even greater memories.
Regardless of season or weather, Silverholme Manor delivers breath-taking panoramas all year round. With over 1,000 hectares of woodland and private lake front access you are certain to find your perfect picturesque backdrop for your intimate wedding shots. A truly unforgettable location for you and your loved one to tie the knot.
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