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Wedding Planning Guide
 Wedding suits can be hired just for the day, or can be
an investment which will last for many years to come. Whichever you are thinking of, there are some important points to consider.
Firstly, get your whole group measured by a professional tailor.
Your suits need to fit well and be comfortable throughout the day. You will be eating, dancing, walking around chatting – take all this into account. If you’re not comfortable it could spoil the day.
Secondly – what time of year is the wedding? Wool looks good, for example, but isn’t really practical for a summer
date; talk to the outfitters about different materials. Accessories are where you can make sure your outfits complement the overall colour scheme of the day. Your ties, silk handkerchiefs, waistcoats and even socks can all be in appropriate shades, ensuring your outfit looks well thought out.
Off-the-peg or bespoke? Either way, you must allow plenty of time for alterations and fittings.
Nobody will exactly fit an off-the-peg suit, so leave plenty of time for any tailoring work. For a bespoke suit, 6 months is usually a good amount of time for tailors to work, but the sooner you start shopping around, the better.
Remember, this is a very special day, don’t fall into the trap of going for a business-style suit which might be similar to those worn by half the other male guests.
The groom and groomsmen need to stand out and look as special as the bride and her maids.
Even if you go for a suit that you may wear for special occasions afterwards, the cravats, waistcoats and other such extras can make all the difference.
So - look great, feel comfortable and then you’ll be well prepared to enjoy the happy day..
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