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the limehouse lamp company ltd

Founded in 1971 The Limehouse Lamp Company started by faithfully restoring and
replicating original antique lighting from our Victorian Pub premises, in London’s East End
area of Limehouse. With St Catherine’s Dock on our doorstep, the modern Docklands of
today was non-existent. No high rise office buildings, just the historic London dating back
centuries and most of Victorian London’s architecture and docks still in existence. From
these humble beginnings re-creating Victorian carriage lamps our range of products grew to
the large collection of indoor and outdoor lighting we produce today.

All our products are hand made with the majority of work done in our workshops at our
Sussex based premises. Every item is built and hand finished by our craftsmen whom have
over 100 years of combined experience making traditional lighting. Working in only solid
brass and copper, each item is soldered by hand using traditional methods. Heavy parts are
all cast in sand and finished by hand giving our lights the artisan quality of original pieces,
with no two items being exactly the same.

A large number of our range of products are reproduced from original antiques and our hand
finishing processes and traditional manufacturing methods give our lights a unique quality
that makes each item feel original.

Our collections combine interior and exterior lighting covering periods of over 200 years
from the early 1700’s to the 1930’s offering designs of grandeur and style. Our historic
ranges of Industrial and Nautical Lighting offer replica lighting used throughout Victorian
and Edwardian daily life. From the railways, ships and even taverns of emerging industrial
England and America.

Our lighting is sold throughout the world and has been used in stately homes, castles, public
houses, museums, films and even in the mystical world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.
We have lights to suit almost any period property and are accredited to wire for any country
on the globe.

Please feel free to contact our experienced team for advice or any information you may need.

We Look forward to hearing from you.
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