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polished finishes

We offer our range of products in the following finishes. All products are made
of solid brass or solid brass and copper. As an alloy they will not rust or rot in any
period of time.

Polished natural finishes will patina in time and require polishing with brass
polish if a shiney new appearance is desired. We feel, however leaving the item to
mellow to its natural colour improves the look of our products. We can lacquer our
products to keep their new appearance and will only require routine cleaning.

Please note: We do not recommend a lacquered finish on external lights near
coastal areas as salt degrades the lacquered finish very quickly.

  PB  polished lacquered finish
PBUL  order code suffix (pb)
      The item is polished and lacquered to obtain a bright and glossy
      appearance. Requires the occasional clean with a damp cloth and
      is suitable for interior lights or external products not sited near
      coastal areas.

      Un-lacquered Natural Finish
      order code suffix (PBUL)
      The item is polished only and will gradually tarnish and mellow in
      colour. Alternatively cleaning with brass polish will retain a bright
      finish. Recommended for interior and exterior use.

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