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ip ratings explained

    IP44       Bathroom use for EU/UK                       Rain Water up to 60 degrees
AVAILBLE       installation in Zone 2 of a    IP23 from the vertical (Suitable
               Bathroom. Splash proof. Uses
               G9 Bulbs.                                    outside of a splash zone).
                                                            1.2m from the ground.

  IP44         Adapted for EU/UK                                Hanging Lights Suitable for
               exterior use, can be used for                    use in a covered area such as
AVAILABLE      installation in Splash Zones.                    porch.
               Uses G9 Bulbs.

Please consult a qualified electrician for advice on suitable IP rating required.

           recomended bulb shapes

    GLS         CANDLE                GOLFBALL                    PYGMY              GU10

GLS Shape      Candle Shape           Golf Ball Shape           Pygmy Shape       GU10 Shape
US Type (A19)  US Type (B9)           US Type (A15)             US Type (T8)      US Type (MR16)

                                      other icons

       Standard chain length          Available in UL/CSA       Not Available in UL/CSA
       supplied with product.         specifications for US and  specifications for US and
       Please specify if extra chain  Canadian markets.         Canadian markets.
       is required.

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