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What you need to know about junk vehicles
Did you know that the Universal City Ordinance, Texas Transportation Code Chapter 683, and the International Property Maintenance Code states that all vehicles on any property or parked in the street must always be operational and have current registration?
A vehicle is considered (de ned) a junk vehicle if a vehicle is visible and
n does not have a current license plate or a valid motor vehicle inspection certi cate, and is not capable of passing a state motor vehicle inspection
n any wrecked, dismantled or partially dismantled vehicle
n on private property, any vehicle not working for more than 20 consecutive days, or on public property, any vehicle not working for more than 72 consecutive hours.
Universal City Ordinance also states you are not permitted to perform vehicle repairs or restoration in the driveway and in public view.
Universal City’s various departments are making every effort to clean up the City and remove the blight from the community. This is being done by advising property and vehicle owners to have the vehicles brought to code or have the vehicles removed from the City. Property owners can have their vehicles stored in the garage, out of public view, until arrangements can be made.
For vehicles parked in the street please contact the Universal Police Department’s non-emergency line at 210- 658-5353. For vehicles parked on property please contact Development Services at 210-619-0725.
The City wished to thank every resident for their efforts to keep blight out of the City and ensure life/health/safety issues are addressed to have an enjoyable and safe community.
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