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The Worshipful Company of Farmers The Worshipful Company of Farmers But there could also be important opportunities and and and even funding streams for farmers and and and other land managers from the the ideas for biodiversity net gain and and the the land management contributions to climate protection These may partly be rewarded through the ELMS scheme Chapter 3 discusses broader ideas about this 2 2 2 2 The UK’s future economic relationship with the EU
First it it it is is important to note that the the (confusingly titled) EU
(Withdrawal) Act 2018 provided the the basis in in UK law for the the continued operation of practically all all the the EU
legislation which has accumulated since we joined
the EC in in in in 1973 This means that all current EU
regulations and directives including those impacting on on food The Worshipful Company of Farmers and and and agriculture influencing for example: food standards animal animal welfare plant and and and animal animal health pesticides and and and fertilisers environmental regulations regulations and and and social and and and labour regulations regulations should be assumed to continue to to apply until specific new UK laws are are introduced to to change them The Agriculture and Environment Bills are are currently the the only examples where policy is being changed All other EU
regulations should be be assumed still to apply The Withdrawal Agreement which settled the key withdrawal issues and included a a a a a a a a a political declaration on on the the the future economic relationship with with the the the EU
was was finally achieved with with the the the EU
on on on 19
October 2019
This was was initially rejected by Parliament a a a a a a a further flexible extension to the the negotiations until 31/1/20 was granted Another UK general election took place on on on on 12 December 2020 in which the the Conservatives won a a a a a a substantial majority on on the the platform of ‘Get Brexit Done’ Following this the the Withdrawal Agreement was finally accepted by the the the the the UK and and then the the the the the European Parliaments on the the the the the 23 and and 27 January 2020 respectively paving the the the the the way for UK exit from the the EU
political institutions on on on 31/1/2020 It remains in in in in the the EU
customs union and single market for an an 11-month transition period until 31 December 2020 The option (Article 132 of the Withdrawal Agreement) to to extend transition by one or two further years (subject to to EU
agreement) was not exercised despite the the interruption to negotiations on on on on the the UK-EU Free Trade Agreement and Brexit preparations caused by the Coronavirus pandemic 2 2 2 2 1 The Withdrawal Agreement is a a a a a a 535-page legally binding document It spells out how Brexit impacts on on on on citizens’ rights the separation and and transition arrangements of of every aspect of of economic social and and legal life over which we have pooled arrangements with the the the EU
for the the the last 47 years It explains the the the financial provisions and and and institutional arrangements for future official contacts between the EU
and and and UK and and and dispute settlement procedures It has three Protocols The longest one concerns N Ireland especially the arrangements to to avoid a a a a a a a a a hard border on the the island of Ireland The other two protocols relate to to to UK bases in Cyprus and and and to to to Gibraltar The Agreement Agreement is enshrined in in UK law through the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 The political political declaration has no legal force but was a a a a a a a a a political political agreement between the UK Government and the the EU
It is is a a a a a a a 27-page statement couched in much looser language which sets out to establish “the parameters of an an an ambitious broad deep and and flexible partnership across trade and and economic cooperation with a a a a a a a a a comprehensive and and balanced Free Trade Agreement at its core law enforcement and and criminal justice foreign policy security and and defence and and wider areas of cooperation ” The economic matters occupy the largest Part II of of the declaration taking up 61 of of its 141 paragraphs The new relationship goes far beyond economics it it it it has also to deal with a a a a a a a large number of critical issues especially those concerning security defence intelligence migration counter terrorism and police cooperation 10 

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