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The Worshipful Company of Farmers The Worshipful Company of Farmers It is therefore possible that the the the proposed UK Global Tariff will complicate the the the EU FTA negotiations and may harden the the the EU’s position on on on on on other elements of the the the negotiations ” The second concern flagged is that the the the the UK is not a a a a a a a single negotiating area for the the the the purposes of of of trade policy because of of of the the the the complication of of of the the the the N N Ireland Ireland protocol which requires that that region to to apply the EU’s EU’s CET The EU’s EU’s fear is that that N N Ireland Ireland becomes the back-door entry point for imports which have entered Britain under lower UK tariffs To deal with this may necessitate border controls between GB and and and and NI and and and and within the the island of of Ireland neither of of which will be be welcomed and both of which will add trade costs An AHDB infographic neatly summarises the possibilities for agri-food trade from January 2021 A A further technical difference between the the the the UKGT and and the the the the EU CET identified by the the the the Agriculture and and Horticulture
Development Board (AHDB) is that “the UK also intends to remove the the EU Meursing table which acts as an additional barrier for certain processed products depending on on on their sugar and dairy content Its current aim in in the the EU is is is is to ensure there is is is is a a a a a a a mechanism in in place so that processed products such as biscuits waffles pizzas and other confectionary items aren’t able to by-pass tariff rates that are are levied on on on bulk or raw materials Some will view this as adding clarity improving simplicity for for importers and prepping for for upcoming trade deals others may point to simplification of of tariffs (removal of of Meursing rounding down) as lowering existing
26 barriers ” Turning to the the second possible scenario the the transition period ends with no agreed new EU Treaty or Free Trade Agreement In this situation our economic relationship with the EU becomes that of a a a a a third country and and each side treats the the the the other on WTO terms This means the the the the UKGT will apply to UK UK imports from the the the the EU and and the the EU’s CET will apply to to UK exports to to the the EU EU 26 According to the the Food and and Drinks federation the the Meursing Code contains 13 608 separate tariffs on on on biscuits chocolate bakery goods and and confectionery alone https://www fdf org uk/responses/FDF-Response-Government-Customs-White-Paper pdf

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