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The Worshipful Company of Farmers The Worshipful Company of Farmers products are not far behind in in in in the things to watch out for The NFU raised food standards as a a a a a a a a prime lobbying objective and and sought to to to insert clauses to to to protect UK food standards into law They proposed amendments to to get this this into the the the Agriculture Bill and have successfully raised the the the profile o of this this matter by initiating the the the following petition NFU petition on on Food Standards
I I want the food I I eat to to be produced to to world leading standards Our Government should ensure that all food eaten in in the the UK – whether in in our homes schools hospitals restaurants or from shops – is produced in a a a a a a a a way that matches the high standards of production expected of of UK farmers Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of of food security and traceability I believe the the UK Government should seize the the opportunities of 'Global Britain' to promote sustainable models of production and consumption across the world Farming throughout the UK has high standards of safety and and welfare with an an an ambition to be net zero in in in greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 There are very strict controls on on on farming methods allowed in in in the UK and and I I expect the the same of all food food which is is imported here so the the food food I I eat is is as safe traceable and and produced to high welfare and and environmental standards Before the the the UK UK begins to negotiate trade deals with countries around the the the world I call on the the the UK UK Government to to to put into law rules that that prevent food being imported to to to the UK which is produced in in in ways that that would be illegal here By 10 September the the petition had received nearly 1 1 050 000 signatures by mid-October However the the Government resisted amendments to to put this issue into law Their argument is is is is is that it is is is is is unnecessary They say that for the the totemic issues of of of HB&CC imports of of of both of of of these are currently prohibited under EU regulations regulations These regulations regulations are now UK law as a a a a a a a a result of the 2018 EU (Withdrawal) Act Therefore unless
and until these regulations are amended through a a a a a a a a a a Parliamentary process they remain UK law so such
products cannot be imported Government ministers have repeatedly said in in in public and and in in in Parliament – and and indeed in in in the negotiating mandates for FTAs that “Any agreement will ensure high standards and and and protections
for consumers and and workers and and will not compromise on on on on our high environmental protection animal welfare 30
and and food standards ” There are no proposals to change the the regulations banning these two products In
addition to head-off the the concerns about dilution o of standards the the Government created a a a a a a a a a Trade and and Agriculture Commission Its objectives are:
“to bring together stakeholders across the the the industry calling on on their expertise to to to advise on:
• Trade policies the the Government should adopt to secure opportunities for UK farmers while ensuring the the sector remains competitive and and and that animal welfare and and and environmental standards in in food production are are not undermined • Advancing and and protecting British consumer interests and and those of developing countries • How the the UK engages the the WTO to build a a a a a a a a a a a coalition that helps advance higher animal welfare standards across the world • Developing trade policy that identifies and opens up new export opportunities for the UK agricultural
industry – – in in in particular for for SMEs – – and and that that benefits the the UK economy as a a a a a a a a a whole 31” 30
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31 Department for International Trade 24 July 2020 https://www gov gov uk/government/news/truss-formally-launches-trade-and-agriculture-commission

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