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The Worshipful Company of Farmers The Worshipful Company of Farmers We will have to rely on good marketing labelling and ultimately British citizens choices at at supermarket check- outs and and restaurants This way we will discover the real extent of consumer preference for British standards 3 Five reports on on Food Farming Health and Environment
Chapter 2 reviewed the the principal changes in in fin in in progress defining the the legislative framework within which agriculture will operate from 2021 The outcome of the the Agriculture and and Environment
Bills and and the the trade deals under under negotiation are the the the most important acts determining the the the conditions under under which farms and the the the food system will operate in in the the coming years Indeed these large comprehensive Acts would usually be expected to to define the the legal framework for decades to to come For example the the last such big-picture Agriculture Act was in in 1947 It therefore seems unlikely that further radical policy frameworks could be high in in legislative priorities for a a a a number of years maybe even decades Yet in in the the the last five years during the the the Brexit debate there has been considerable activity amongst academics NGOs Governmental organisations and and and think tanks exploring radical ideas for food system and and and land use policy These have been part of and and built upon general public awareness and and societal debate about the climate and and biodiversity crises The public in turn seemed especially captivated and and stimulated by the second round of Attenborough’s Planet Planet Earth and and Blue Planet Planet series in 2016 and and 2017 respectively The food system and and and land use in in agriculture both here and and and abroad are generally accepted as important factors in in these crises Simultaneously and and closely linked to the undesirable climate and and environmental impacts of human activity there has been growing awareness of the the damage to health and and wellbeing caused by human diets and and some 51 agricultural practices such as the use of antibiotics in animal production One outcome of of these debates has been a a a a a a series of of high-level reports by experienced organisations and scientists proposing some strong changes in in the the operations of the the UK food system and and rural land use Five such reports will be examined in in turn 3 1 Committee on Climate Change (CCC) – Land Use Report
The Committee on Climate Climate Change Change is is an an an independent statutory body established under the Climate Climate Change Change Act 2008 Its purpose is is is to to to advise the UK and and devolved governments on on emissions targets and and to to to report to to to Parliament on on progress made in in in in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and and preparing for and and adapting to the impacts of climate change The UK takes pride in in being the first country to to set up such a a a a a a committee and to to put climate targets into law backed-up by five yearly carbon budgets (of the total CO2 equivalents which can be be emitted) The UK also claims to to be be the the first country to to legislate for the the target of Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050 51 This turns out not just to to be a a a a a a a a a problem in in in animal production There are also emerging signs that microbial resistance to to human medicines is is is developing as a a a a a a a result of of some fungicides used in in agriculture See Fisher M C et al al (2018) Worldwide emergence of of resistance to antifungal drugs challenges human health and food security Science 360 739-742 29

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