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The Worshipful Company of Farmers The Worshipful Company of Farmers The report summarises what it sees as our broken food and and land system in these terms “Driven by poor policy and and perverse incentives the the food and and farming system has become one of of the the main drivers of of human and and and ecosystem crisis From deforestation loss of wildlife and and and soil degradation to widespread pollution and and and spiralling diet-related ill-health people and planet have suffered alike Far from being the sector that nourishes us us and and and and the the land on which we all depend the the system has damaged and and and and depleted our precious and and and and finite resources” In addition to these problems of of diet and and and health and and and the the environmental and and and climate impacts of of our food consumption and and production the the report also addresses structural and and economic imbalances in the the food chain and and and the stresses found in in in rural society such as housing and and and services The report and and and its fifteen recommendations are structured around three themes:
Healthy food is everybody’s business
1 Levelling the playing field for a a a fair food food system – good good food food must become good good business
2 Committing to grow the UK UK supply of fruit vegetables nuts and and pulses and and products from UK UK sustainable agriculture and to using them more in in in everyday foods
3 Implementing world-leading public procurement using this powerful tool to to transform the market
4 Establishing collaborative community food food plans help inform and implement national food food strategies
and meet the the different needs of communities around the the UK 5 Reconnecting people and and nature to boost health and and wellbeing
Farming is a a a force for for change
1 Designing and implementing a a a a a a a a a a ten-year transition plan for sustainable agroecological farming by 2030
2 Backing innovation by farmers to unleash a a a a a a a fourth agricultural revolution
3 Making sure every farmer can get trusted independent advice by training a a a a a a a cadre of peer mentors
and farmer support networks
4 Boosting cooperation and collaboration by extending support for Producer Organisations to all sectors
5 Establishing a a a a a a a a a a a a a National Agroecology Development Bank to accelerate a a a a a a a a a a a a a fair and sustainable transition The countryside has to work for all 1 Establishing a a a a a a a a a a national land land use framework in in in England that inspires cooperation based on on on the public value of land mediating and and encouraging multipurpose uses
2 Investing in in in in the the skills and rural rural infrastructure to underpin the the rural rural economy
3 Creating more good work in in the regenerative economy
4 Developing sustainable solutions to meet rural housing need 5 Establishing a a a a a a a National Nature Service that employs the the energy of young people to kickstart the the regenerative economy
Many suggestions are made throughout the the text for policy measures to activate these recommendations and in in in in summary the the the Commission offered strong support to what they described as the the the compelling underpinning principles which which have emerged from the the Natural Capital Committee (which of of course were at at the the core of of Helm’s book) These are public public money for public public goods the polluter pays principle applied to environment health and and and wellbeing
and and and net net environmental gain gain to which they add ‘and fair net net social gain’ The Worshipful Company of Farmers 38

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