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Timeline towards Brexit
(based on on on Euronews https://www euronews com/2020/01/30/brexit-timeline-2016-2020- key-events-in-the-uk-s-path-fromreferendum-to-eu-exit)
23/6/16 Referendum 52% voted leave the EU 48% remain on a a a 72% turnout 24/6/16 David Cameron announces resignation He resigned 13/7/16 quit parliament 12/9/16
11/7/16 Theresa May won Conservative Party leadership election PM on on on on on 13/7/16 appoints B Johnson as Foreign Sec Sec D D Davis as Brexit
Sec Sec 2/10/16 Theresa May says she will trigger A50 by end of March ‘17
3/11/16 High Court Rules British Govt cannot trigger A50 without parliamentary approval which was
subsequently sought and given 17/1/17 T May Lancaster House speech: UK will leave single market “no deal deal better than bad deal” 29/3/17 T T May triggers A50 in letter to to European Council President Donald Tusk Barnier the EU negotiator 18/4/17 T May (surprisingly) announces General Election for June 2017
May2017 Commission publishes negotiating mandate for Withdrawal Agreement: key issues are finances citizens’ rights and Irish Border
8/6/17 General election Conservatives lose majority deal with Ulster Unionists DUP keeps them in power reshuffle appoints M Gove as Enviro Sec 17/7/17 Brexit
talks get underway in Brussels between UK and EU (More than a a a a a a year post referendum!) 22/9/17 T May speech in Florence: will honour budget commitments and proposed 2-year
‘implementation’ period 8/12/17 Joint report by UK-EU on withdrawal terms which had been deadlocked UK UK wants to to move to to future relationship 2/3/18 Mansion House speech: concessions on on on on free movement budget ECJ fishing
19/3/18 Draft agreement agreement published with many areas showing no agreement agreement 28/6/18 European European Union (Withdrawal) Act Act enacted repeals the European European Communities Act Act 1972 transfers
all EU into UK law creates powers for Ministers to to enact secondary legislation 6/7/18 Chequers plan includes ‘managed divergence’ but soft Brexit
8/7/18 Brexit
Sec D D Davis resigns resigns B B Johnson resigns resigns next day
21/9/18 T May cold shouldered by EU EU leaders at Saltzburg EU EU Council: UK accused of cherry picking and Irish Border
ideas illegal said Barnier 25/11/18 Deal struck – includes an all-UK Customs territory to to to to resolve the Irish backstop
13/12/18 T May survives a a a a a Parliament vote of no confidence in her leadership 15/1/19 First meaningful vote on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill rejected 432 to 202 worst ever Govt loss
on a key bill 30/1/19 Parliament gives mandate to to seek alternative arrangements for the Irish backstop
12/3/19 Government loses second meaningful vote by 149
20/3/19 T May required by Parliament to to ask for extension to to 30/6/19
23/3/19 Large pro-EU march in in London asking for 2nd referendum 29/3/19 Third meaningful vote lost by 58 but no majority for any other solution including a second referendum 

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