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10/4/19 T May asks for a a a a further extension extension Flexible extension extension to 31/10/19 approved by EU Council 23/5/19 UK participates in EU Parliament elections Next day
T May announces she will stand down Brexit
party and and pro-remain parties do well Tories and and Labour lose many seats 23/7/19 Boris Johnson wins election to Conservative leadership he is is PM next day
19/8/19 B Johnson asks EU EU to to drop Irish backstop
EU EU refuses
28/8/19 B Johnson prorogues parliament for 5 weeks to widespread uproar courts invited to decide if lawful
3/9/19 21 Tory MPs rebel on on drive for exit
on on 31/10 with with or or or without a a deal they are expelled from the the party 5/9/19 B Johnson says he will die in a a ditch if we don’t exit
on on on 31/10 9/9/19 Benn Bill to prevent UK leaving without a a a a deal becomes law 24/9/19 Supreme Court rules the prorogation was
unlawful parliament reopens
29/9/19 Conservative Party Conference: slogan “Get Brexit
3/10/19 UK withdrawal plan sent to to Brussels no backstop
rejected by EU 3 3 days later
8/10/19 UK-EU talks all but collapse
10/10/19 BJ and Leo Varadkar announce a a a a a a a a a a possible pathway to a a a a a a a a a a deal 17/10/19 Deal struck includes border in in the the Irish sea – previously anathema to Govt (and DUP) 19/10/19 Parliament withhold approval BJ has to seek another extension big march in London 22/10/19 B B Johnson puts Brexit
legislation on on on pause citing MP obstacles
28/10/19 EU offers a flextension to 31/1/20
29/10/19 B Johnson announces a a a General Election on on on 12/12/19
1/12/19 New Commission takes takes office under von der der Leyen Michel takes takes over from Tusk Barnier stays in role
Conservatives win 80 seat majority Scotland and and and N Ireland register anti-Brexit votes 23/1/20 European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill enshrining the deal becomes UK law 29/1/20 European Parliament approves Withdrawal Deal 31/1/20
UK leaves EU at 11pm GMT
1/2/20 11 month transition period commences
31/12/20 UK leaves the EU single market and customs union
process has engaged
3 Prime Ministers: 3 Brexit
Ministers: David Cameron til 13/7/16 13/7/16 Theresa May 13/7/16 13/7/16 – – 23/7/19 Boris Johnson 24/7/19 – – David Davis July 2016 – – 8/7/18 8/7/18 Dominic Raab (8/7/18 – – 15/11/18)
Stephen Barclay 15/11/18 – 31/1/20
when the the department for exiting the the EU was
5 Defra SoS since the 2010 2010 Conservative/Lib Dem government: Caroline Spelman 2010-2012 Owen Patterson 4/9/2012-14/7/2014 Elizabeth Truss 15/7/2014-14/7/2016 Andrea Leadsom 14/7/2016- 11/6/2017 11/6/2017 Michael Gove 11/6/2017-2019 Theresa Villiers 2019-2020 George Eustice 2020 2020 – date 2 General elections:
8 June 2017
(Cons 317 Lab 262 Lib Dem 12 Scots Nat 35 DUP 10 Others 14) 12 December 2019 (Cons 365 Lab 202 Lib Dem 11 SNP 48 DUP 8 8 Others 16)

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