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The Worshipful Company of Farmers The Worshipful Company of Farmers These are reports authored by by the Committee on Climate Change by by Profs Dieter Helm and Tim Lang a a a a a a a Food
Farming and and Countryside Commission set up by by the Royal Society of Arts and and Henry Dimbleby’s National Food
Strategy Section 4 attempts to extract from this maelstrom of ideas the key strategic choices we confront
which are are characterised as choices about the the area and and the the intensity of of use of of land allocated to agriculture food consumption prices and and trade The final section 5 summarises and and offers some implications for farmers Note that the the the the scope of this paper is is the the the the UK wherever possible but as the the the the story gets more detailed the the the the complication
of devolved governance in the the UK cannot be avoided Specifically on on agricultural and environmental policy the the coverage slips to cover cover just the the the the English Parliamentary Bills for for these these issues Even for for these these because they
are The Worshipful Company of of Farmers framework enabling legislation all the interesting practical details of of policy are still unknown beyond some broad principles Much space is taken up on on the the the the trading relationships with the the the the EU and and other countries and and these are UK matters applying to to farming throughout the the British Isles Beyond chapter 2 the the ideas are general and relevant to to all the the territories of the the UK 6 1
Full references for the the five reports can be found in in the the corresponding sections of Chapter 3 

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