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It’s long been believed that the salt air of the Jersey Cape has a therapeutic quality... today you can combine this unique natural therapy with a variety of amenities and experiences that are good for the body and soul.
A trip to the Jersey Cape is a good time during any season, but what if you could visit – even in the busy summer season – and still find places to relax, recharge, be eco- conscious and spend quality time with family and friends? We picked a few ways to lift your spirits and unwind...
The Jersey Cape is home to several amazing spas that are poised to rejuvenate your body and mind. Escape to the comforting confines of Cape May Day Spa where you can enjoy state-of-the-art spa services in a relaxing, tranquil and richly-appointed ambiance of total comfort. Book some time at The Reeds Resort’s new Salt Spa and be one of first to experience the soothing surroundings and treatments of this new amenity in Stone Harbor. The Salt Spa will offer the ultimate luxury spa experience with unparalleled signature services designed to rejuvenate, relax and refine.
For a tranquil summer outdoor experience, the Jersey Cape offers yoga under the full moon, in the parks and on its beautiful beaches. And now you can enjoy SUP Yoga that
is just like traditional yoga but it’s done using a paddle board on the calm waters of the back bays instead of a mat in the studio. Search Jersey Cape Spas and Jersey Cape Yoga for the best experiences in Cape May County.
Paddle a kayak in the calm inland waterways or walk to explore the many unspoiled nature trails of the Jersey Cape for the perfect way to enjoy the calming beauty of nature and discover the natural scenery of our unique peninsula. Exploring nature at the Jersey Cape by kayak or foot is sure to provide a relaxing experience that provokes new conversation, unlimited photographic opportunities and is the perfect way to spend quality time with family and friends.
It’s easy to find the uncrowded and quiet waterways here, where outfitters are ready to get you geared up and out on the water. Search Jersey Cape Kayaking or give a call to Miss Chris Marina in Cape May to reserve your piece of mind.
Off the path nature trails abound at the Jersey Cape in places that you may not have heard about. Enjoy a stroll in solitude or spend quality time with family and friends at places like the Diamond Beach Wildlife Refuge, Cape May Point, the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary, or Corson’s Inlet State Park in Ocean City. If you’re up for more than a walk, bring your rod or binoculars for a little fishing or bird watching along the way. Visit these places and you will surely

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