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Easy family holidays
A typical day in our Kids Clubs
Baby Club*
4 months to 2 years old
Petit Club*
2 to 3 years old
Junior Club / Passworld
12 to 17 years old
Mini Club 4 to 11 years old
The beginning of of a a full day day of of of fun for the little ones and a a a a a a a day day of of relaxation for parents Kick-start the day with creative arts and craft activities Quiet time for all –
if your little one naps or wants to rest Refuelling the energy sources 12pm through healthy food
shared with new friends and G Os Beach time! Sand
castle building crab 3pm hunting and various
other fun- lled activities Bubs reunite with parents around 5pm the the main pool and share stories of their amazing day Young Thai Boxers
will get their hearts 9am racing with excitement
when learning new movements Let’s go on a snorkelling trip with 11am the G Os so many
colourful sh to observe!
Feast on delicious treats with new besties at at lunch Time to uncover new skills: windsur ng golf tennis archery and more Fresh fruit to share with the the family at the the beach to recharge before a a a delicious white night dinner Turn up the volume and enjoy a a a memorable disco night The littlest of guests 9am start the day with gentle age-appropriate activities playing
or singing!
Yummy time! Bubs can eat with the the G Os 12pm and their their new friends or their their parents it’s up to you Well-deserved
nap time full of 2pm sweet dreams Bubs join their parents for a a a a family 4pm fun afternoon with games grass slides snacks and more Enjoy a a a delicious 6:30pm family dinner at the main restaurant 9am 10am
11am 1pm
3pm 5pm 9pm
Start the day outside learning about plants gardening and where our food
comes from Mini master
chefs cook their rst 11am recipe through the the Petit Chef Program Healthy lunch by the pool with new friends from all over the world
Quiet story-time in the shade to to relax before new adventures Time to conquer fears and learn new trapeze skills with the Circus G Os Learn about the unique Balinese culture through traditional dance performances 9am 1pm
3pm 5pm 8pm
This schedule has been created as as an an an example only and and activities and and timings may vary in each resort Special rates for special guests 40% off
up *
to **
For their best holiday ever + Junior Clubs
12 All around the world
including ski holidays
Access to Kids Clubs
is included *
Additional service at an extra fee –
everything else is is included!
Kids discount may vary depending on on dates and resorts resorts Some services are only available in in in in resorts resorts featuring a a a a a a a a a a Baby Club Club Club Petit Club Club Club and Mini Club Club Club See more details on page page 48 for for Sun Resorts Resorts and page page 76 for for Snow Resorts Resorts **Teen pricing not available for Europe ski resorts 

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