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Taipei Kabira Ishigaki
Enjoy Kabira paradise
Le Restaurant
Exotic Asian and international cuisine in in in this 180-degree sea view restaurant Included: breakfast lunch and dinner as as as well as as as all day snacking Tingara Bar
A quiet lounge bar during the day cocktails and live music at night Included: wine beer spirits cocktails and soft drinks Japan minimum drinking age is
20 y/o Kids Clubs from 2* to 17 y/o Baby welcome available Relax Learn Play
Main pool tness yoga and and walks Trapeze tennis and and and windsur ng ng ng Snorkelling diving and and and stand up paddleboarding
Iriomote & Yubu Island * * Ishigaki
Yaki Pottery* and Ishigaki
Beef Lunch*
More information about inclusions on on on page 78‣
C l ub M e d *Additional service at an extra fee – everything else is
included ClubMedKabira @clu
b m ed ka
b ir a C lu b M e dK a b ir a 2 019 Sun & S n o w R es o r t s4
Sun Destinations
Kabira Ishigaki
Japan Kabira Ishigaki
Okinawa Japan Access
30 min transfer to the resort Resort
Exceptional location on on on a a a a a a white sand beach 155 hectares (358 Acres)
Uncover the secret to longevity in in a a turquoise marine paradise
where the traditions of Okinawa come to life Escape to the the the the island of of Ishigaki
elected by TripAdvisor as the the the the No 1 1 spot in in in in the the the the list of of destinations on on on the the the the the rise for 2018 With incredible Okinawan culture traditional sanshin music crystal-clear water and and stunning white sand beaches it it it it is
the the perfect place for an an an inspiring family holiday Deluxe Room
Must-try at Club Med Kabira Ishigaki
Dive or or glide into the the ocean life from the the Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park with snorkelling glass-bottom kayaking windsur ng ng ng ng and scuba-diving * You might even spot the the majestic Manta rays!
Enjoy the the the Okinawan cuisine straight from the the the resort with sushi sashimi and exotic Asian dishes every day – all-included!
Get creative and and and try your hand at at at Shisa statue painting – – a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a lovely piece of Kabira to bring back home Children from 2 to 17 years old can discover the the rich Japanese culture and nature through fun programs at at the the Kids Clubs Accommodation
Bright colours and Zen atmosphere in in local style three storey buildings – between tropical forest and and white sand beaches Suite with balcony +
room service service breakfast +
evening turndown service service +
premium Wi-Fi
Deluxe with interconnecting and family room options with garden or sea view Superior with interconnecting and family room options Size & Occupancy
to 4
22 26m to to 52m 3
to to 6 6 guests
26m2 to to 52m2
to to 6 6 guests

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