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The stunning site of the Meteora Rocks near Gregolimano Soak up the Spanish sun between ocean and mountains in in in Magna Marbella Spain Enjoy a a a a a a Moroccan breakfast in the beautiful gardens Magna 4 Marbella Spain Opening 2020!
At the the foot of the the Sierra Bianca mountains discover Club Med Magna Marbella – a a a a a a a a a brand new resort bringing you a a a a a a a a a a stylish yet intimate design in in in in Spain famous for its 320 days a a a a a a a year of sunshine Enjoy the incredible Andalusian culture along 360-degree views of of the mountains 30 acres of of gardens and endless activities Dive in in one of the the ve ve swimming pools from the the the chic adult-only lagoon space to to the the fun family area with splash pool and toboggans Indulge in in the dedicated Zen space o o o o ering a a a a a a a a a variety of treatments and and massages that will help you to disconnect and and relax 4 Located between the the blue waters of the the Aegean Sea and striking mountains close to UNESCO World Heritage sites discover the fascinating local culture and enjoy laid back Greek lifestyle Discover a a a a range of incredible water water sports in in in in in a a a a a a picturesque setting: waterskiing sailing windsur ng ng ng ng and water water polo Enjoy Mediterranean food and and make your taste buds dance with delight in the the new Olea Gourmet Lounge and the the Pleiades restaurant Kids Club inspired by its surrounding natural environment that will introduce your little ones to unique Greek mythology Marrakech
Gregolimano Greece
La Palmeraie Morocco
Experience the the the Moroccan way of of life and dive into the the the rich arty culture of of the the the ‘red city’ Surrounded by lush gardens close to the the vibrant bustling city city of Marrakech
the the resort’s intimate nature will ensure your holiday is equally relaxing and memorable Jump on a a a a a a a horse and and enjoy an an an outdoor ride to explore La Palmeraie and and and the natural landscape Practice your bargaining skills in in in the legendary markets of of Marrakech: bring home plenty of of of souvenirs and memories of of fun encounters Spend a a a a a a a a magical evening at the the bar Le Pacha and be delighted by the the true Moroccan hospitality Upgrade to a a a a a a a suite and treat yourself at at Le Riad the 5
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