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To dream and live free You always have a a a a a a a a choice at Club Med With no constraints and options aplenty each individual is free to enjoy their holiday exactly as as they please Responsibility
Committed to protecting the environment and supporting local communities For more than 60 years sustainability has been part of of the the Club Med DNA Throughout our our history we’ve forged a a a a a a a a a a a a strong belief: the the the the moments of of happiness we we o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o er er er to to to our our guests are are to to to be be be shared they cannot be be be experienced at at the the the the expense of of others or of of nature You can be be assured that when choosing choosing a a a a a a a a a a a Club Med holiday holiday you are also choosing choosing responsible and and sustainable holidays better better for for the environment and better for you!
Coral propagation program in Maldives
Happy to care for our environment Our resorts are built on on exceptional sites and our duty is to preserve the surrounding natural resources Example actions:
Removed all plastic straws in in Asian resorts in in 2018 globally by 2019 and all all single-use plastic by 2020
74% of resorts worldwide have received the Green Globe Certi cation Continuous e e e ort to reduce food waste in worldwide resorts 6 000 m2 of solar panels providing energy in in in Finolhu Villas Maldives
Resorts regularly organise beach clean-ups
And much more!
Connecting you to the heart
of nature Holidays are a a a a a a time to to relax but also to to learn and grow We love it when our guests big and small partake in our e e e e e orts to protect the planet Example actions:
Biodiversity specialist in in Club Med Cherating Beach Malaysia and Marine Biologist in in Club Med Kani Maldives
Turtle Sanctuary
in in Club Club Med Med Bintan Island and and Club Club Med Med Cherating Beach Eco-activities with reef underwater trail in Kani Maldives
Indonesia eco-walk in in Cherating Beach Malaysia And much more!
Caring for our staff and local communities Our multicultural sta are at the heart
of our brand but did you know we also focus
on creating local local jobs and developing local local talent? We also partner with nearby foundations
and schools to to bring happiness to to many communities Example actions:
Partnered with 400 ecological farms worldwide 75% of created jobs in our resorts are lled by locals
More than 100 nationalities working together worldwide And much more!
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