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Please ensure that there is no no medical reason why your child should not take part in in the the the activities o o o o o o o ered in in the the the Club Med resort In some countries in in accordance with legislation currently applicable to to companies and any other body providing supervision to to to children children under 6 years children children in in in this age group will only be admitted to to Baby Club Club Club * * * Petit Club* and Mini Club Club Club * * * upon presentation of a a a a a a a a a a a a a medical certi cate issued immediately prior to your your your arrival at at at at at at at the the resort This will state that your your your child child is is is t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t for for participation in the the children’s group activities Check your your your travel voucher for for detailed requirement In addition in in order for children to to gain admission to to all the the resorts with Baby Club* and Petit Club Club * * their their parents or or or or guardians must must be be able to to prove that their their child’s vaccinations are up to to date (medical certi cate or or heath record must must must be be shown) In the the the the case of Baby Club * the the the the vaccinations must must include the the the the child’s rst vaccination vaccination against diphtheria tetanus and polio Access to to Kids Club is reserved only for children deemed
able to to cope with life in in a a a a a group environment and who are free of of infectious or or contagious illness illness or or fever This restriction continues to apply until all visible signs signs of of of illness illness illness disappear If there are signs signs of of infectious illness illness Club Med reserves the the the right to insist that the the the the child child be taken back home or at at at least kept in in in in strict isolation away from contact with other children (including all all common areas) This precaution also applies to all all stages of chicken pox (varicella) We do not have the facilities in place to take responsibility of children who require special special special medical supervision (especially monitoring) or or one-to-one special special special care from a a a a a a a a third party These children will remain under the the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians Upon arrival at the the the the resort parents or or or or the the the the accompanying adult responsible for the the the the the child child child must report any any allergies of the the the the the child child child as as well as as their their their eating habits Those children with a a a a a a a a a a a a a a food allergy may only be given meals by their their their parents or their their their accompanying adult No medication may be administered to children by G Os For children needing an epinephrine self-injector type Anapen EpiPen EpiPen Jr or or or or or or EpiPen EpiPen their pen pen may be be kept in in in in in in in the the Children’s Clubs in in in in order for it to be be used by an an authorised person in in in in case of emergency except in in in in Japan where the law imposes parents or or a a a a doctor to to administrate A doctor is present in in in certain Baby Club resorts in in in order to to screen give advice guidance and therapies known as comfort or or or or rst aid treatment They may under no no circumstances for for ethical reasons replace local local doctors who alone are authorised to to to issue prescriptions Any consultation or or or or or visit by a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a local local doctor doctor will be at at the the expense of the the parents or or accompanying adult Sport/activity safety At Club Club Med Med your children are introduced to to sports from the youngest possible age thanks to to Little Sports by Club Club Med Med The child’s parents must ensure their eligibility for for the the the practicing of sport activities o o o o o o o o o o o o ered and notably inform G Os if the the the the child child child does not not not know how to to swim as as as in in this case the the the child child will not not not be able to to practice water sports as as as part of the the Children’s Clubs Outside the the the Mini Club hours
children up to the the the age of of 10 must be accompanied by an an adult for the the the the practicing of of a a a a a a a a a a a sport activity that is freely accessible whilst complying with the the the the minimum age required for the the the practicing of the the the sports activity concerned In all the the resorts resorts (excluding adult-only resorts) children from the the age of 11 may:
Access without being accompanied by an an an adult the the sports facilities that are freely accessible (access to the the the gym and/or cardio-training room from the age of 18) Participate without being accompanied by an an an adult adult in in adult adult lessons and and courses courses (from the age of 16 for Club Med tness classes and and sailing training courses) Remember to bring
For children children enrolled with Baby Club* Club* and Petit Club* Club* (clubs for for children children aged 4 months to 3 years): health records medical certi cates baby bottles and and and milk formula nappies and and and wipes sun protection (cream hat glasses) blanket and and and any speci c c c c c items your child needs For children enrolled with with Mini Club: a a a a a backpack with with the the child’s belongings for the the the day (swimwear sport shoes sun protection) warm and and waterproof clothes plus gloves long long socks and and skiing clothing is required for snow resort Please make sure that all items are labelled with your child’s name Formula nappies nappies and disposable swim nappies nappies (which are compulsory for children under 3 years in all Club Med resorts pools) Additional services
Club Med Baby Welcome
Designed to make parents and baby’s lives easier the Club Club Med Med Baby Welcome
Pack is included in in in in your package upon request at time of booking and includes:
Provision of childcare equipment available in in your room: crib or child’s bed changing table baby bath high chair (on request) bottle warmer
All-day and and night access to special Baby Zones where you can nd nd nd nd suitable food food (jars of sweet and and and savoury baby food) and and the equipment you need to prepare meals Plus simple strollers and toys for babies
The The Baby Welcome
Program does not provide diapers and formula The The resort boutique generally sells baby grooming products such as as wipes and diapers at your own cost Club Med Baby Baby Welcome
is is is subject to to limited quotas so make sure to to pre-book The Club Med Baby Baby Welcome
is is is is a a a a a a a a a list of of equipment and includes no supervision supervision of of your baby under any circumstance – see Baby Club for for more information on on on on supervision supervision Easy Arrival – Kids Kids Clubs registration
Parents can avoid the the Kids Kids Club Club registration
queues on on on the the day of arrival arrival by simply completing our Easy Arrival check in in in form 3 days prior to to arrival arrival parents will receive an an email o o o o o o o o o o o o o ering them to to to to ll ll ll ll out out an an electronic form form form with useful information information about their children The information information will will be automatically sent to to to the the the the resort Kids Kids Club Club sta Upon arrival parents will will simply check the the the the the information recorded and introduce their children to to the the the the Kids Kids Club Club sta sta for for a a a a a a a a smooth start to to the the the holiday! Available in in in most resorts Club Med 2019 Sun & Snow Resorts 81

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