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12th ANNUAL APRIL 16th–19th 2020
Please join us as as we golf and party with a a a a a purpose Starting on on on on Thursday with with a a a welcome reception like none other Then the the the the fun continues with with golf in in in in in the the the the presence of of NFL legends including LT himself and other Hall of of of of Fame players All this while partaking of of of food from some of of of the the the top restaurants in in in in in Pembroke Pines that will be complimented with all the the the fun & libations you can handle on the golf course The fun doesn't stop there! You definitely don't want to to miss the the the Friday Night "Funk Fest" and Saturday'sJammin in in in in in the the the Park & & Art Fest Fest both featuring more food fun & live entertainment We have planned the perfect outing for your your enjoyment while branding networking and and and entertaining your your employees and/or clients For complete details pricing and/or custom package please contact (786)554-6056
All proceeds will benefit Fore Life Inc a a a 501c3 not for profit organization IPRIESIEINIVS

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