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If you are interested in being a volunteer chaperone for your child’s field trips please visit the ​District Volunteer Webpage.
WEAPONS POLICY ​Board Policy 218.1
For more information please review the ​Code of Conduct​ by click the link provided.
Academic Participation in Out-Of-School Programs
The departments of the school are active in having students participate in educational programs of a competitive nature, outside of school. In some events, the activities begin at the district level and advance through various stages at the state level. In such events that are school-sponsored and approved, the district will accommodate the program through the state level. Some continue to the national level, and for a student to be considered for participation at that level he/she must have received a first place finish or award at the state level. This policy also applies to interscholastic athletics.
Candy Sales/Fundraisers
The sale of items in school, including candy, sponsorships, raffles, or any other fundraising activity, is limited to times before and after the school day.
Change of Address
If during the school year a student has a change of address or telephone number, it is to be reported to the office as soon as possible, so that records may be changed. In the event that a student moves from the school district to another district, he/she must notify the office immediately to obtain a Withdrawal Form for parent signature in order that transcripts may be forwarded to the new district.
Class Rings
Students may order class rings in October during the school day. Evening hours will be provided for parents who wish to be involved in the process. All financial dealings are directly with the ring company. A deposit is required at the time of ordering, and the balance must be paid by the time the ring is delivered. The projected delivery date for the class rings is the second week of February.
Collection of Information for Marketing
Parents have the right to inspect the material and opt out the student from participating in any activity that results in the collection, disclosure or use of personal information for purposes of marketing or selling that information. This does not apply to the collection, disclosure or use of personal information collected from students for the exclusive purpose of developing, evaluating, or providing educational products or services for or to students.
The school elevators are located in the pool wing and main entrance area and are available to those who are physically incapacitated from using the stairs. Permission to use the elevator may be requested through Security.
Foreign Exchange Students​ ​Board Policy 239
The American Field Service (AFS) is recognized as the official organization to represent foreign exchange students in the Plum Borough School District. Requests must be received by the Board no later than June 30 prior to the school year in which the student is to attend school in the Plum Borough School District.
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